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5 Popular Bags That Are Must-Haves For Your Collection

There’s a spring in your walk and we all know what that means. Spring is right around the corner! So, for bags that are must-haves for the season, here are 5 popular spring bags you’ll go gaga for! And we won’t blame you!

1. Quilted Leather Bags

Pillow quilts? Nope. Leather. Quilted leather bags are slowly drawing the attention of fashionistas because of their classy and elegant look. If you want to up the ante of sophistication in what you’re wearing, go for this type of spring bag. What’s more, it’s an ageless accessory you can wear at any time of the year.

2. Have A Bamboozle Bamboo Handle

Spring is about what’s fresh and natural. And those 2 factors have been incorporated in bags with bamboo handles. Its bamboo material allows the tote to have an organic feel that softens its vibe. At the same time, it’s versatile— you can add this style to both casual and formal wear. Likewise, it’ll be your fashionable way of going Earth-friendly.

3. Frame Those Pouches Up

There’s something about frame pouches that pulls an ensemble together. Even better, they’re absolute statement pieces when you select frame pouches that have contrasting colors and designs from your outfit. Whether bright-colored or with lines and shapes that are unique, they’re the “oomph” a look needs.

Similarly, their clasps, usually better in gold or silver, are that splash of glamour that can instantly make you stand out.

4. Chain, Chain, Chain

If large statement-piece necklaces are all the rage this year, so are chain-embellished bags. They’re that extra kick of coolness that certainly amps up the level of any apparel. Chains definitely have that shining-shimmering element in them that’s great as bag design. They’re badass yet, on the other hand, they’re easy to pair with more business or formal attire.

5. Hubba-Hubba, Hubba-Hobo

Hobo bags are back in trend you’ll want to bring out yours this time around. These types of drape totes are for function, too. They have enough space for you to insert essentials rather than just being an accessory to your getup.

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