Behold, the most problematic Halloween costume of 2018

This is a fright that bothers you at night: the midterm elections are almost here! But this is not all bad. While you are preparing for the real terrorist events in the world to eliminate any hope you have left in, Halloween will distract you from some wonderful horror, stupid get up, cobwebs, dry ice and possibly a lot of alcohol.

Anyway, that is what Halloween should be. Whether you are in favor of an adult dressed up (Sputter’s staff are separate), I think we all agree that in some seasonal shifts, we will soon get into trouble. That’s why people are particularly horrifying when they bring fucking news to Halloween. Every year, for bars, parties and (worst) jobs, you can count on celebrities and celebrities who can rely on “related” but completely offensive clothing. Our owner of 2018 is no exception.

We can’t predict every horrible outfit, but there’s a checklist that will prepare you for some unforgettable sights. Halloween is here, baby, this is terrible! Because this year, we are actually hell.

The best costumes are handmade, right?

Some of us dress up every year around October 31. But for role-players – those who dress up as movies, books, TV shows and video game characters – taking other visual images is a year-round lifestyle.

The vast majority are amateurs who spend weeks and most of their time working on clothing before large conventions (or “pros and cons”). In these nerdy-in-law cafeterias – groups and studios that synthesize wig styling and sci-fi polymers – role-players can showcase their handmade work and mix it with the same spirit, usually late at night.

In role-playing, a good costume is both about the creativity of materials and structures, and about the results. So while some people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying custom clothing, more people invest time and use cheap materials and household items to turn themselves into superhuman, fabulous characters.

This originality was demonstrated this year at the Dragon* Con held in Atlanta on Labor Day, with approximatel

Tips and trends for Halloween costumes this year

Tips and trends for Halloween costumes this year

Only a few days away from Halloween, we found the best way to get into the spirit.

The Beverly Bernardi Post Conservatory of Dance sells Halloween costumes at this time of the year.

Beverly Bernardi Post gave 13 news to see what they saw this year – and some tips on children’s clothing.

She said she saw a lot of trends coming and going.

“We have superheroes, always fashionable, everyone likes the Avengers,” he said.

But this year she noticed the differences that people demanded.

“We have seen the dress,” she said. “Sometimes I will sell this dress to those who want to be extreme angels. I have sold this dress to people who want to be peacocks. They have peacock feathers, this Not Halloween costumes, and these are real dresses.”

The Bernardi Post is more than just a dress. There are about 1,400 pieces in her store.

On a cold Halloween night, some of them are more suitable than others.

“Not just thin screens, they choose those long hairs, which are a bit thick for the kids,” she said.

Padded clothing can help keep your child warm.

“We offer a range of animal costumes for young children, these are very heavy garments,” she said.

Another thing to remember is the ease of dressing for children who may have a harder time.

“They want to get in and out quickly, so things like this are simple, everything is one-piece,” she said.

No matter what you choose – Bernardi Post says you should remember the whole story of Halloween.

“Halloween shopping may be great, we like to do it. I think this should be a very interesting experience,” she said.

Beverly Bernardi Post also recommends shopping locally rather than online to ensure your clothing is comfortable and comfortable.

Halloween costumes crossing the line and how to avoid picking a piece

Halloween costumes crossing the line and how to avoid picking a piece

When it comes to the trend of Halloween costumes, it seems that at least one popular cultural product is available for sale every year. Sometimes, there are a few.

In September, online retailer Yandy broke through the production line with her sexy “Maid Story” costume, which was swayed by the unique red dress worn by women in the Hulu elite who were forced to give birth to the children.

Within a day, the company succumbed to criticism and pulled the costume and explained: “In the past few hours, it became clear that our ‘Yandy Brave Red Maiden Costume’ was seen as a symbol of female oppression rather than a female Empowerment.” (When is the white hat with wings a symbol of empowerment?)

However, the clothing agent is chasing its “Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Olympian I I Cait” clothing, telling TMZ that it will not pull or stop the project. “This is a costume,” they told the toolkit’s gossip website, a men’s Olympic tracksuit with a female wig. “This is very interesting.” (No, but hey, no matter what.)

If you don’t want to be humiliated on social media, or summoned by the company’s human resources department or school management (after they find it on social media), the rules are simple: if in doubt, play safely.

First, stay away from any ethnically colored outfits (think Julianne Hough’s “Orange is the new black” – looks “a few years ago”). This lesson on Wednesday, NBC “Today” host Megyn Kelly had to be strengthened when she apologized for the comments. She said one day earlier that when she was a child, it would be acceptable to wear black clothing as long as she respected it. (Twitter told her immediately, even then.)

Other horrible clothing ideas: Any idea that can explain the oppression of a large group of people (looking at you, the sexy “maid’s story”) will take up the culture of oppressed gender or race (Hello, Native American women) Demon), or indulge in animal cruelty (remember the dentists in Minnesota?). This is not worth it.

The Portland Trail Blazers may lose to the Washington Wizards on Monday night, but they won off the court because of their true commitment to the spirit of Halloween.

The Portland Trail Blazers may lose to the Washington Wizards on Monday night, but they won off the court because of their true commitment to the spirit of Halloween.

In the home stadium of their home, the Moda Center, despite more than a week after Halloween, the players appeared in full costumes. NBA players haven’t shirked their efforts – the Blazers’ star and the NBA’s most ambitious rapper Damian Lillard appeared on professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, wearing a “3:16” shirt, a championship belt, and Austin face. The mask on the top allowed Lillard to get shouted from Austin himself on Twitter.

Dressed in Dave Chappelle’s The Chappelle Show character Tyrone Biggums and novices Anfernee Simons and Gary Trent Jr. Moe Harkless smiled happily with the courageous efforts of wearing inflatable kangaroos and ostrich suits.

Moe Harkless and Damian Lillard won Halloween with their costumes

Moe Harkless and Damian Lillard won Halloween with their costumes

The Portland Trail Blazers won’t play home games until Halloween, so the team has the opportunity to give them the chance to play in the best outfits at the Moda Center.

And, oh, men, Moe Harkless and Damian Lillard brought their costumes.

Harkless appeared on the stage of the Chappelle Show character Tyrone Biggums. And I am very happy that the Blazers actually shared this photo because the clothing is excellent.

Lillard dressed as a stone cold Steve Austin. These clothes are not first class.

These DIY Flintstones costumes make you look like you are coming directly from Bedrock

Nostalgic Halloween costumes are often the most loved and memorable. Old-fashioned comics rank high in the nostalgic department. When I was a child, the modern primitives were my favorite. Fortunately, I have a little girl with beautiful hair that is perfect for the appearance of cobblestones. Of course, we don’t have red hair, but this does not prevent us from dressing up as a modern stone this year!

Check out these sly DIY Flintstones costumes this week to make your own Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Halloween costumes, or plan ahead for the next few years!

We are not from Bedrock, but because of the wool and some modeling clay, we look like a modern Stone Age family! Check out the slide below to learn how we make homemade Flintstones family outfits.

First, I need to make Wilma’s “stone” necklace and Pebbles’ small bones for her hair accessories.

I only need:

12 1.5-inch foam balls (found in the flower department of the craft store)
White air-dried modeling clay (similar or identical to porcelain clay)
2 bamboo skewers
At least 24 ropes or straps with embroidery needles

To make Wilma’s necklace, I covered each styrofoam ball with a thin layer of modeling clay that resembled two strips wrapped in baseball leather. I roll the clay until it becomes a smooth ball, has a skewer of bamboo rafts (6 balls in each string), and then let the clay dry for about an hour to harden it. After the clay is a bit hard, I remove each ball from the bamboo stick and use a flat object to press it at different points each ball gives it, you may expect different aspects on the rock. Then I pierced the ball again, carefully keeping it in its new shape and let it dry for 24 hours.

For the bones of Pebbles, I spread a small piece of clay into a strip to make sure that both ends are more bulky than the center. I shaped the end of the bone by hand, but with bamboo poles helped to form the depression of the bone. I smoothed the middle with my fingers and transitioned well to the end of the bone, letting it air dry for 24 hours. In the time of clothing, I used a small rubber band to stick it on my daughter’s style of ponytail.

For clothing, I mainly use cheap wool fabrics sold on JoAnn Fabrics, so I don’t have to worry about completing the hem of any garment. Wool is also very comfortable and warm, which is a reward for making pretty Halloween costumes! Here are the parts I purchased:

For Wilma’s dress: 1 1/2 yards white wool
Fred’s Top: 1 1/2 yards orange wool
For Fred’s tie: 1/4 yard turquoise cotton and 1/4 yard fusible interface
Diaper covers and tops for Pebble: 1/2 yards turquoise wool, 1/2 yards lime green wool and 1/2 yards elastic

Halloween costumes are worn like everyone else. I decided to change my fears.

Are you tired of yourself?

As an adult, it is easy to lose interest in our lives. We build them through decades of work, compromise, frustration and contingency. They are our production. But even if we like them, sometimes it is easy to want.

Every Halloween, we have the opportunity to take a break from us, escape our neurosis, and embody some of the better things because it is different. To this end, the clothing can be catharsis. Walking out of ourselves can make us grateful. When the party is over, our costumes are piled on the floor, back to our real people, refreshed.

For the last three Halloweens, I used my personal fears as art tips: “expulsion,” “stinging,” “turbulence,” “subtle.” I made my baggage into an exoskeleton, friendly it, and overcoming it. . This Halloween method is clean and produces some excellent outfits. I encourage you to try it.

This is my recent Halloween creation and why I needed them at the time:

In 2015, I need to repel mosquitoes.
Everyone will tell you how “good” I am. I was born like this – a boy’s gay church bell. I will die very politely. I like “very good.” However, keeping sweet requires a lot of time to be fascinating and passive, diluting yourself to palatability. I am tired of it.

I also ended my biggest relationship, almost dating. Not ready to sleep with the world, but definitely considering it. I can foresee how much energy I will attract to attract men. Their attention and approval will soon become so important. I started worrying about how I promoted or repackaged myself to attract them, how do I cut my best and the strangest corners to make sure my second date. I became very angry.

The idea of repelling the future guys scared me. This is exactly what I need to do.

I have never scared me in my life. But I need to scare people and make them very interested in me, but I am too afraid to get close. I became Medusa.

I grew up with craftsmanship; I think I learned how to write cursives in puff paint before I used pencils. Therefore, for me, the pure black fabric is sewn into a homemade Greek top. But I have never done a strong make-up and I am very excited to try. I watched a dozen mermaid, snake and scales tutorials on YouTube.

Then I covered my face, chest and arms with light green paint, applied it with powder, and used a square fishnet as the top black template. It is surprisingly quick and easy.

The snake wig tried several times to fail. (The plastic snake is too heavy; the bubble is not serpentine.) I made the final version with a swim cap and I poked it through. I bent the wires into a serpentine shape and then applied a hot hose around each wire. This process covers my fingers, tiny burns and wire cuts. I lost my blood and thought of gorgons.

Wheelchair patients are equipped with Halloween costumes for superheroes

Wheelchair patients are equipped with Halloween costumes for superheroes

On Wednesday, 28 wheelchair patients from Shriners Hospital are preparing for Halloween.

Dawn Wright, director of marketing and communications at Shriners Children’s Hospital, said: “We think the Halloween tradition is taken for granted, such as door-to-door tricks or treatments, which are really difficult for wheelchair kids.” “For example, they can’t drive the porch.” The steps, so they have a very cool outfit, people want to look at the door, really bring them to Halloween and help them get a better experience.”

“I have always been Superman, Batman; now I will be Spider-Man,” says Shines Rojas, who is patient with Shiners.

Wright said that the hospital has had three years of custody clothing clinics, managed by hospital staff and volunteers.

“What’s really cool is that we can do anything that the child thinks,” Wright said. “So what we have to do today is from astronauts and the moon to fighter pilots and planes.”

Britton Dailey is becoming a bus driver because his mother says he likes to take the bus. The FOX 13 children say they are happy to be able to fully satisfy the Halloween they want without any restrictions.

“I’ve been looking around, and when I saw their wheelchairs, I saw everyone smiling. Even though I didn’t know what they had, I only knew they were happy,” Shriners said patiently Kongaika.

Regardless of which clothing they choose, most children have a common goal.

“My favorite part is getting candy,” Rojas said. His favorite candy? “all.”

The lingerie brand is selling a sexy “American princess” costume based on the appearance of the Meghan Markle royal wedding dress.

The lingerie brand is selling a sexy “American princess” costume based on the appearance of the Meghan Markle royal wedding dress.

Underwear brands known for their “sexy” Halloween costumes are now selling an “American princess costume” that seems to be based on Meghan Markle’s royal Wwdding look.

Yandy clothing is priced at $49.95 and features an off-the-shoulder dress, headgear and veil.

The models on Yandy’s website are decorated with flower bouquets, blazers and Deal or No Deal briefcases.

“You live in a true fairy tale! Get ready to wear this unique American princess costume down the royal aisle, with a white mini dress, off-the-shoulder neckline, 3/4 long sleeves, smooth bodice, tulle with The veil of a large bow accent, satin bow detail and gemstoneed headdress, “Yandy’s clothing description says.

The entire costume seems to refer to different parts of Markel’s life.

The look of this dress is the same as that worn by Markel at the wedding with Prince Harry.

The jacket cites Markle’s long-term tenure on the hit TV show “Suits,” while the briefcase uses her time as a model for the game show “transaction or no transaction.”

According to Yandy’s website, suit jackets, bouquets and briefcases are not included in the clothing.

Yandy’s vice president of merchandising, Pilar Quintana-Williams, confirmed to INSIDER that Markle is the source of inspiration behind the company’s American princess costume.

“The Duchess of Sussex is very fashionable and we absolutely adore her,” Quintana-Williams said in a statement. “Our inspiration comes from one of her most iconic fashion moments – her wedding!” The American Princess “clothing allows Yandy’s customers to celebrate the gorgeous moments in the royal history.”

The royal wedding costume was released after Yandy was forced to remove the costume imitated by the maid’s story. The company faces a strong reaction to a story that focuses on oppressing women.

Yandy also owns “Sexy Fake News” and “Sexy Op-Ed Anonymous” Halloween costumes.