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YSL Liquid Foundation! Do You Have It?

Among the most famous luxury brands, YSL is certainly one of the most loved by beauty addicts. The packaging is always fabulous and the quality of the products is very high.

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat – Illuminating foundation by Yves Saint Laurent

Touche Éclat illuminating foundation is practically now a brand for YSL. When, twenty years ago, the French house created an illuminating pen, it revolutionized the way of conceiving the areas of shadow and light on the face, during the preparation of the make-up base. Today, the illuminating “pen” Touche Éclat is the best-selling product of Yves Saint Laurent in the world and the idea of developing different versions, with colors suitable for every skin and every ethnicity has proved more than successful.

On the wave of the most popular highlighter, the foundation of the same line was born.

Similarly, the coloring is available in 22 shades, designed for every woman, from Asian through Northern and Southern Europeans, to Afro skins already kissed by a perfect luminescence.

It is an alcohol-free foundation without mattifying particles, therefore it is already in itself a very moisturizing product, which should therefore be recommended for those with dry or normal skin. To be avoided if, on the other hand, you fight oily and shiny skin problems, because the product is very nourishing and would risk worsening your problems or not maintaining a perfect finish for many hours.

The fluidity of this foundation is good but it is not a poorly covering foundation. Beware of whoever writes it, because when it is dosed on the face, even if it does not obtain a “mask effect”, the skin is very covered and improved. Which is not a defect, but again it is not a “naked skin” foundation so to speak.

It has an excellent scent of fresh and summer flowers, which improves the sensory side of the product. The main effect is to give dull or tired skin a beautiful luminous effect. The color is also stable and does not change during the day, remaining unchanged and perfect for hours.

Definitely an excellent product for those looking for maximum skin hydration, light effect, and correction of defects, especially with age.

The price is around 40 dollars for 30 ml of product, in a heavy glass bottle with a golden cap, which makes it a very ideal product to be kept on display in the bathroom, rather than to follow you on trips or transfers, to because of its weight.

YSL All Hours Foundation

The first night-proof foundation from the well-known Maison, ideal for staying perfect until dawn the next day. The brand presents this foundation as a perfect product to withstand any situation. The formula promises to be incredibly long-lasting, full coverage, waterproof, and no transfer, finally the finish should be opaque.

Online, this foundation seems to be particularly popular especially for its extreme durability. The only flaw that is highlighted is the inconsistency with one of the characteristics declared by the brand. This foundation does not seem to have total coverage, but average.

The pack is very elegant but above all comfortable, the pump in fact allows you to better dose the quantity of product. The texture is quite dense and the fragrance is very pleasant, it is similar to that found in some high-end skincare products.

The formula is creamy and soft, it seems to spread out in a simple way. Even without waiting for the product to dry completely, we can see a clear oxidation of the same which, consequently, tends to become much darker.

If you are looking for a foundation with a matte finish and excellent durability, this YSL All Hours Foundation could be a good candidate. We liked it a lot even if, certainly, it does not follow the trend of the moment aimed at bright and natural complexion.

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