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What Kind of Glasses Suit Your Face Shape?

Glasses are not only necessary to protect the eyes, but also a kind of beauty decoration.

In terms of the function of the lens, it has the effect of increasing eyesight and protecting the safety of the eyes. In addition to serving as a stand, the spectacle frame is also decorative. The frame largely determines the quality and taste of the glasses. A pair of suitable glasses can not only clear your vision, but also enhance your personal image and temperament.

A good pair of spectacle frames should be the right size, comfortable to wear, and the style meets your face shape, skin colour, age and working requirements. In general, the choice of the frame should take into account the appropriateness of the face shape and frame shape.

Oval face

This face shape is an ideal face shape with 360 ° no dead angle. If you have such a face shape, congratulations! You can wear all kinds of frames, just pay attention to the size of the frame, which need to be proportional to the size of the face.

Round face

Round face is shorter, so it is best to match the overall sense with a slender frame with a slight curve. Angular and square frames help to modify the face lines (highlight the vertical lines). This will make your face look more contoured and more energetic!

Men’s round face type: flat or pear-shaped frames should be selected, and too round and square frames should not be used.

Women’s round face shape: In principle, you should avoid using any frames with very obvious characteristics. It is better to choose a slightly flat frame with a slightly warped shape.

Square face

People with square faces have wider cheeks, shorter faces, and look strong. To soften the lines of the face, use a slightly curved frame to make the face look softer. And you should choose a frame that is slightly wider than the face shape, which will make the face shape slightly slender.

Heart-shaped face

It should be said that people with heart-shaped faces can wear a variety of glasses. Thin frames and vertical frames are most suitable.

Men’s heart-shaped face: It is better to choose a frame with a narrower bottom than the upper side of the lens circle. Generally, flat frames are not used.

Women’s heart-shaped face shape: It is advisable to choose glasses with a narrower height at the bottom than the top and upturned glasses to increase the length of the face.

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