Tolerate the history of MARVEL many costumes

With the release of Marvel Captain’s latest trailer, Marvel Studios’s first female-dominated superhero movie is expected to reach an all-time high. But Carol Danvers was originally Ms. Marvel, and later had a conversion code, and had a long history of comics before the upcoming portrayal of Brie Larson. Carol also has a long history, different costumes, some amazing, some tragic. Let’s take a look at her style evolution.

Carol Danvers looks very fashionable at first glance and is a bit funny now. Although she had become a supportive role in the captain of male Marvel as early as 1968, she initially gained power and became Ms. Mary in 1976, becoming her own series. She has a John Romita design based on Mar-Vell clothing – only bare belly and bikini briefs, rather than the functional design of the cover. She has a scarf instead of a cloak, but perhaps the best illustration of this era, she also has Farah Fawcett inspired feathers.

When the artist Dave Cockrum took over the championship, he immediately changed her outfit, getting rid of the bare belly and bare back. Technically, this is a small change, and the new design immediately makes the garment more unpaid and overly sexy. It’s not that there is anything wrong with showing some skin and sexy characters (see: DC’s Starfire, from the culture of the everlasting horny alien). But there is nothing about the strict Air Force Captain Carol Danvers’ personality that would suggest that she is wearing sparse things. Get rid of the burden.

Dave Cockrum did not finish repairing the look of Carol. In Ms. Marvel’s 20th, he worked with his Uncanny X-Men collaborator Chris Claremont again. Just a few years ago, they took the boring “Marvel Girl” and turned her into a phoenix, giving her a truly memorable and iconic look. From the redesigned page of Jean Gray, Cockrum gave Carroll a very similar outfit, although it may still be revealed according to today’s standards, but in addition to those high heels, it is still a step forward in the original costume. Big step. He also gave Ms. Marvel a very dramatic belt (made with her old scarf!), which is the main content he designed for female heroes. Although Carol’s clothing has changed several times over the years, even if the character named Ms. Marie is not Carol, the belt will always return.

A few years after the Avengers’ alliance, Ms. Marvel became a key figure in Uncanny X-Men, when the Rogue mutant absorbed her power and personality and made Carol lose her ability. But Carol has not been completely disappointed. In the space mission, she got a cosmic upgrade (like Jean Gray). She is now known as Binary, with red skin and flaming hair, and of course Dave-Cockrum-designed clothing. This piece of clothing actually blends into the flame, because if you want to go to the universe, go to COSMIC.

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