HARRY POTTER Costume: An expert shows some of our famous works contributors

Elf Fashion is on display at Harry Potter: The Exhibition – If you can’t move the apparition or get there through Portkey, the magic that exhibition creator and curator Eddie Newquay brings to you is almost close to you. Exclusive interview with SYFY WIRE.

You may already be familiar with the Hogwarts uniforms and the standard robes and hats of the wizards and witches, but some supernatural costumes from the weddings of Bill and Serem are definitely worth more time. Before George was so free to walk in the impromptu performance meeting, who wouldn’t want Ginny Weasley’s elegant black dress to pull Harry on the zipper?

When the fashion designer decided to separate the shirts with appropriate dazzling black suit shirts, Mischief managed for Weasley Twins. It is almost impossible to tell who Fred is and who is George, because they prank their mother in the stone of the magician, so if the obvious bandage around George’s head does not make him separate enough in the Deathly Hallows, then His purple tie and collar are really like this.

Luna Lovegood’s dress from the Slug Club Christmas party may be iconic or notorious, depending on how close you are to the girl close to Spectrespecs, but you can’t deny that there are some serious design magic behind it. It floats almost on layers of shiny silver fabric that have been meticulously crafted with a frosted Christmas tree. This is what Luna wants.

To venture to the dark side, you must admit that the Death Eaters become black robes of dark magic, and snakes and leather can easily become the worst costumes in the exhibition. The close-up of the buttons on Lucius Malfoy’s fur-trimmed robes shows two intertwined snakes. Bellatrix’s battered leather corset may be a pure serial killer, but apparently did not scare away Molly Weasley. Don’t mess with her daughter. forever and always.

Also in the exhibition are Viktor Krum’s Durmstrang uniform, Hermione’s Yule Ball dress, the magical beast costumes of the 1920s, magical artifacts, and even the zoo that only exists in the Wizarding World.

This may be the ultimate role-playing inspiration for Potterheads.

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