These popular Halloween costumes are offensive

There are two foolproof ways to choose an offensive or inappropriate Halloween costume for your child. The first is to choose a clothing that spans the boundaries between dressing and cultural possession. The second is to pick a costume that will make your child’s sex life. This seems to be common sense, but sometimes things get a bit fuzzy. Here, for example, we will delve into six specific garments that you can do to avoid buying or making for your child. Because, let us face it, you don’t want to be that parent.

Native American princess
Not long ago, the Indian chiefs, warriors or princesses dressed as Indian chiefs were considered good and healthy fun. Today, people are increasingly aware of wearing these clothes – just for funeral – a person who has been vacated by the US government to make room for white settlers is not sensitive to the pain of Native Americans, and they continue to work hard to solve these problems. . Skip it.

Uma, from the offspring
Disney’s “offspring” are now very popular with children, and this kind of clothing can be seen everywhere. Starting with the second part of the TV movie series, your child may want to dress up as a umma, but Uma is a black character, and this dress has a long blue fear. Hair has long been a shining point in the country’s ethnic identity politics, so a white-haired child with black hair is approaching the black-faced field. Simply put, your white child wants to look and wear like Uma, and this outfit – especially the wig – may be the best to avoid.

Harley Quinn
Originally a Batman villain, but now more commonly associated with the suicide squad series, this character has a sadistic, sexy female student atmosphere. It may be that the former attracts your child to her, but the latter makes the character a suspicious clothing choice. Because it is very strange to give children gender.

Other potential offensive Halloween costumes
There are many costumes that are dependent on the issue. Bring Moana. Some people think that for cultural reasons (the Hawaiians also deal with colonial oppression, the United States has a long history of commercializing Hawaiian culture while suppressing its true expression), you should not let your child wear Moana of Disney Moana . . However, there is a convincing rebuttal that children can freely imitate heroes that are not ethnic or cultural. In addition, because Moana is a positive role model and an ambitious role, all children should be dressed as Moana if they wish.

Varathan provided some insightful guidance to avoid offensive clothing. First, wear as a role, not a race. Therefore, playing Moana is one thing, but wearing it as a Hawaiian is another matter (please note that this also excludes the cultural genre that was accepted not long ago: wearing a wide-brimmed hat to become a Mexican; wearing a headscarf, calling himself Sheikh; or wear a kimono and hairpin to become a geisha). The second, more obvious one is to remember that wearing black clothes will never be good. there has never been. This includes sleeves that can change your skin tone to match a given character. It also includes clothing with unique hair from another race.

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