Have you bought these five perfumes

It is said that in people’s memories, the smell is more impressive than the appearance, and it is more fascinating. Although perfume is not a necessity, you have to admit that people’s sense of smell has a quest for fragrance. A good smell will make your mood very nice and make people unconsciously want to be close to you. And wearing perfume will make people think that you are a “delicate”, “advanced”, “tasteful” person.

Today I recommend you 5 perfumes. Wearing them on important occasions, making you stand out from the crowd.

JO LOVES POMELO — Jo Loves, we love, everyone will love this delicate scent

The characteristic of this perfume is that the floral fragrance is extremely rich. Angel grass adds a touch of greenery to the rich floral fragrance. As a very distinct three-tone perfume, the top note is a mixture of rich white flowers and slightly bitter taste of angel grass. The diffusion and retention time are very good. The fragrance retention time is about 12 hours.

SPECIFICATIONS: Delicate scentScent family: CitrusType: Eau de Parfum


  • Delicate, lasting scent
  • FloralCartier interior perfumer Mathilde Laurent said: “Every woman has a cunning side like a cat, and each flower bears the scent mark left by the animal.” The gardenia in this fragrance laid down the iconic Cartier America. The headlight of the leopard swam out of the animal musk.

    SPECIFICATIONS: Bold, lasting scentScent family: FloralType: Eau de Parfum


    • Lasting scent
    • Indulgent

    22-year-old American new model Grace Elizabeth is the spokesperson of Estée Lauder Beautiful Belle’s Estée Lauder. With the strong support of her mother, she officially entered the fashion circle in 2016. Also boarded the Victor Secret Show.

    SPECIFICATIONS: Classic floral scentScent family: FloralType: Eau de Parfum


    • Classic scent
    • Long-lasting

    Inspired by French dessert cream and hazelnuts, this fragrance combines exquisiteness, elegance and femininity, making it irresistible and giving a new interpretation to the fragrance.

    SPECIFICATIONS: A sweet scentScent family: FloralType: Eau de parfum


    • Sweet, girly scent
    • Wear day or evening
      1. JO MALONE LONDON BASIL & NEROLI COLOGNE — A fresh, light, and lovely herbaceous cologne from queen of green Jo Malone

      Wandering the streets of London, it’s rash and intriguing. The floral scent of orange blossom teases the senses, and the green scent of basil looms indistinctly.

      SPECIFICATIONS: FreshScent family: Citrus, floralType: Cologne


      • Elegant, grown-up scent
      • Fresh and subtle

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