Regardless of your size and shape, Joan Smalls wants you to be a supermodel

Regardless of your size and shape, Joan Smalls wants you to be a supermodel.

“When I understand the inclusiveness of Smart&Sexy – how it encompasses all shapes and sizes – it talks to me because I know that not everyone is like me,” Set It Up actress told E! News refers to her new underwear and swimwear design. “My mom’s body type is different from mine. I always understand that she is frustrated with bra shopping, so I want to solve this problem. Women should be welcomed, no matter where they are.”

The model wearing a Caged Longline Push-Up bra with white lace trousers repeated this sentiment as she greeted hundreds of women’s lining custom bra accessories at the Wal-Mart booth at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. Although she may be a professional face, she laughed when talking to everyday women. On top of most people, she even bends slightly to make it easier for holiday viewers to take pictures with her.

“The way my parents raise us is always to know that we are beautiful at home, no matter what the world says, because everyone has opinions, everyone has rights, but you should not let it affect you,” she said. Explain how she stays at the top of her industry and keeps her down-to-earth personality. “Sometimes people show you their negative emotions. Once you understand what people say when they say it doesn’t really have much value.”

After challenging herself to become a designer and making her debut on Netflix’s romantic comedy “Set It Up”, the star admits that ignoring the enemy is easier said than done, but in the end, she is happy that she can stay true. Always believe in yourself.

That’s why she wants women to feel free and comfortable when they wear her underwear when they want, even if there is nothing on it.

“I like to wear a transparent top,” she said. “Then I will put the underwear under it, so you can still see it. This is my business. Or, I wear a bra as a crop top because it is super avant-garde and visual, it makes my ostrich look great. .”

Described as her “love of love”, her collection not only reflects her love for other women – it is also the expression of her Latin identity and the growth of Puerto Ricans.

“I come from these islands, so I am used to seeing colors and being full of energy, so I also want to talk to it,” she told us. “Especially for different skin tones, it looks beautiful. It’s just popular. I want to capture everything for everyone.”

In addition to complementing different skin tones and suiting all shapes, her product line is also affordable. She hopes that girls who grew up in their hometown can share her success. And, there are $14 bras and $4 panties that they can.

She shared: “I grew up in Puerto Rico, in Hatillo, we have a Wal-Mart, this is where we buy clothes. To be part of it, it is complete.”

If you still wonder if you can take off her appearance, the model left us with a suggestion, “Wherever you go, you must believe that you are beautiful – just know that you are a bad person* **H.”

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