Photo of the Notting Hill Carnival showcases incredible adventures

Photo of the Notting Hill Carnival showcases incredible adventures

The biggest street festival in Europe saw luxury costumes and wonderful dance moves on weekends. About two million revelers came to the two-day Notting Hill Carnival to have fun. Glittering feather performers wear the streets of London and crush their stuff.

They are watched by fun-filled bystanders who make the most of music, street food and party atmosphere. There is also a serious side to the event, as several commemorations mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush in the UK. To commemorate the 72 people who lost their lives in the Glen Felta fire, the music was silent for 72 seconds. The Notting Hill Carnival has been a celebration of Caribbean culture and tradition for more than 50 years. It has developed into the largest street event in Europe, attracting performers and bystanders from all over the UK.

The family day on Sunday was slightly damaged by the rain, but most of the bank holiday on Monday was shining on the sun. The children and dancers of the client barely imagined walking through the streets of western London. On Sunday, the revelers danced with an umbrella on a plastic rubber bucket, but the wet weather device was relieved yesterday. The singer Alexandra Burke was appointed as the first ambassador of the carnival and performed his duties for the first time at the opening. She described it as a “privilege”, just a bit of ‘nut’ as an ambassador, a year-long character designed to help raise the spirit of the community.

The police have also entered into force after obtaining intensive cessation and search power to combat violence. Over 370 people were arrested for major drug and public order crimes throughout the event. A person is stabbed and subjected to non-life-threatening injuries. Scotland Yard said that 7,000 police officers supervised the incident and 30 were injured in the execution of the mission. On Sunday and Monday, the carnival was silent, and thousands of people paid tribute to the victims of Grenfell Tower.

At 3 pm, the revelers left a 72-second silence to commemorate the 72 people who died after the fire in June last year. The tower is less than half a mile from the parade route. Not all carnivals can get this information, and although the music is shut down, many people continue to party, and the DJ’s statement is almost inaudible. On the Rampage sound stage, near the Colville Square, the silence was broken, accompanied by cheers, whistles and the sound of the late Aretha Franklin singing Respect. Matthew Phillips, executive director of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd., pays tribute to Glennfel.

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