How to become a mother of Mama, Donna and the generator of Halloween

My colleague Kathryn Lindsay is convinced that Mamma Mia is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of our time. One day, in the near future, groups of mother Mia fans will gather together and wear work clothes for special screenings of the film.

But we are not there – at least, not yet. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is still in the theater, and years before the process of converting normal movies into cult classics. At the same time, we can show our commitment to Mamma Mia fans on Halloween. Guide your inner Donna, your inner sorrow, and your inner heart Christine Baransky – wrong, Tanya.
What do Donna and Dynamos clothing need? This is easy. Flare pants, open back tops, completely serious. When you walk on the streets of Donna Sheridan costumes, we want you to sing ABBA as you mean. Grab your two friends, put on these dumbbells and see the look of Donna and Dynamos Halloween.

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