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Dream Taro Purple|Florence by Mills Beauty & Skin Care

Brand introduction

Florence by Mills is a new and emerging brand. The founder is Millie Bobby Brown, a British actor born in Spain. The brand’s full line of products are dreamy taro purple, and the design is simple and girly.

Product experience sharing

Swimming Under The Eyes Eye Mask $34 (60 pieces)

[Ingredients] leaf extract/moisturizing hyaluronic acid/pine tree extract

[Efficacy] Anti-oxidation, moisturizing, and edema

Eye mask that makes a girl’s heart burst! The little whale design is so cute! There are not many eye mask essences, and the jelly gel texture is very compliant. The little whale that is applied under the eyes is very smart. It is recommended to use it in the refrigerator. The cold and cold edema is very effective. The first time you see a simple and boring eye mask can also make people feel cute and interesting.

Mind Glow Cleansing Mask $20

[Ingredients] witch hazel & lavender essential oil / activated carbon

[Efficacy] Soothing and calming, cleansing pores, removing oil and moisturizing

The mask is the most attractive of all products! It is the purple mermaid. The color design is very clever. It seems to contain a polarized color. The color will look a little different from different angles.

The texture of the mask is very sticky, which is almost the same as the texture and feel of the purple mask of Hollywood luminous mask, but the price of florence is very suitable for the conscience brand of the student party.

The mask is very sticky and it is not easy to apply by hand. It is very suitable to use the mask brush of the luminous mask. It does not need to be applied too thickly. The upper face is cold and comfortable. It starts to feel tight in about 20 minutes. Just touch it dry. The bottom-up peeling is much gentler than other peeling masks, which is very suitable for young and delicate skin. After washing your face, follow the daily skin care steps.

The oil-removing and brightening effect is not bad. A peel-off mask is enough once or twice a week. Too frequent will damage the skin’s elasticity.

Cheek Me Later Creamy Blush $14 (Color Real Ray)

The creamy texture is more conformable than powdery, it has good spreadability and is easy to apply. There are 6 color numbers on the official website, which can meet the needs of different skin tones. The Real Ray I chose is red wine, which looks darker in color and looks natural on the face. The skins are also very friendly and very refreshing.

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