Claude Blakely tells Connie Knox why she likes her new contemporary role

Claude Blakely is no stranger to costume drama and has been involved in various activities from Lark Rise to Candleford, Pride And Prejudice to Gosford Park. But her recent role is a far cry from the days of hats and corsets. She appeared with Martin Clunes, who played DCI Colin Sutton in the upcoming ITV series Manhunt.

The play is based on the murder of 13-year-old Millie Doyle in 2002, who was taken away by serial killer Levi Bellfield on the Thames in Walton, Surrey. He was convicted of murder in 2011.

Claude played Louise Sutton, the behind-the-scenes wife of Clunes, who also participated in the case.

“I still remember when Millie was missing,” Crowdy said. “And the script has an advantage because it does happen. It’s a strong reading. It’s a very fast move.

The Surrey police, whom Louis worked for, initially accepted Dole’s investigation but failed to uncover the veil of the murderer. The Metropolitan Police [Colin worked for it] then took over and solved it. Therefore, as husband and wife, they emphasize the friction in their relationship. ”

Claudie described her character, she said, “She is not just a supportive wife at home.

She was very conceited in the investigation. The couple has experienced a lot of things and marrying a policeman is not easy. He is associated with his work. Our story is very emotional. Unfortunately, now they are not together. ”

In March, ITV was attacked when Millie disappeared and locals complained about insensitive areas.

“My scene was taken everywhere in a house, but not the actual place, so I was completely separated from all of them,” Claude said, praising the co-starred Cruzus because he handled the drama. Dark content.

“Martin is great. He is very funny, very laid back, but he takes his work very seriously. Considering that it is very heavy – for example, they shot and used real CCTV footage in the hidden house of the killer – Martin always makes I smile.”

The actress also met someone who knew Bellfield.

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