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Bra Fitting and Lingerie Store Secrets Professional Bra Fitters Want You To Know

It is not a secret that most women struggle to find a bra that fits right. And sometimes, women actually have to go to an underwear shop to get their bras fitted by a professional. They know what will fit your breast best and recommend the right bra for them. This means they will also tell you what style of bra will fit you because not all bra styles fit all boobies.

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Well, we are here to share with you some secrets that professional bra fitters now want you to know. And the main trick to finding a bra that doesn’t only fit your size but also your breast shape.

Well, we have to start by telling you that it is important should get measured every six months. This will ensure that your bust remains the same size while you lose and gain weight. If we don’t do this, we might end up with a poorly-fitted bra.

If this is the case, then you must invest in a new or a couple of new bras as soon as possible. And you should have different bras, this includes a wireless push-up bra, a lacey bralette, and an unlined bra, among others.

Cup size isn’t universal

Did you know that your cup size and band size actually correlate? This means that your cup size will not remain the same if your band goes up and down in size. To explain this with an example, someone who is a 34D can have a totally different size than someone that is a 32D, even if they’re both wearing a “D”.

It’s important that you know, that if you go up a size in the band, then you must go down a size in your cup. And always remember that bra types differ, so don’t assume you’re the same size across the range. If you want to understand this better, then just imagine that you’re one size of jeans in one brand, and the same size doesn’t even fit you on another brand or even in the same brand but another type of jeans.

You have to know your sister’s size

Sister sizing has a lot to do with the fact of you losing or gaining weight. Your breast size might remain the same if you do, but one of them will feel comfier around your back. Basically, this means that your sister’s size is the same cup size but a different band size. Depending on if you lost or gain weight, you can go up a size and down a cup or down a size and up a cup and those will be your sister sizes.

The band is highly important

Have you been suffering from your bra band climbing up on your back? Are you constantly having to pull it down? Well, girl, you are then wearing the wrong size, and to solve it you have to go down a band size.

Another trick is that when you are at the bra shop, trying a bra, make sure the band is hooked on the loosest of the three hooks. So, this way, the more you wear it, the more it stretches out. If you clasp it the tightest since the beginning then your bra won’t be lasting you very long and you’ll lose your valuable time adjusting it.  

Lining matters

The lining has high importance on the overall shape and fit of your bra, and it’s important that you know what’s right for you. There are three different lining levels: unlined, push up, and lightly lined.

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AirWear Comfort Revolution Sports Bra

For those who don’t know what an unlined bra is, it means it has no padding or foam. They’re just light pieces of fabric. This is right for people that need support but love their natural shape. This type of bra fits everyone, no matter their breast shape or size.  One that is lightly lined, does have a couple of layers of fabric, providing a little extra to shape your boobs. And of course, a push-up bra is ideal for those who want to have a bigger bust, since it will add an entire cup.

Whatever you choose, it is important that your support bra gives you everything that you’re looking for and that it fits the right way. We hope these few tricks help you choose the right one in the future.

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