Alison Brie and Tracee Ellis Ross talk about the costumes they want to steal from their popular TV shows.

“I didn’t steal anything from the show, I don’t have much good things in real life,” Alison Brie said when asked about Netflix’s female wrestling show GLOW and Beth Morgan’s 80s tights. (The Emmy was nominated for Dedwood in 2004). “After many years, when the show is over, I might grab the purple member jacket. This is not a real member. It is a children’s jacket!”

On Saturday night, when Harper’s Bazaar and the Fashion Designers Association came together to celebrate the appearance of the most popular TV shows, including The Handmaid’s Tale, This Is Us, Empire and RuPaul’s Drag Race, I interviewed Brie.

The party opened on the occasion of the opening of the 12th Annual TV Fashion Design Art Museum at the Museum of Fashion Design and Commodities, and then the wealthy crowd traveled to NoMad to attend a dinner sponsored by The The Cond. OUTNET.com.

Several stars have appeared to support their role image experts. When asked if she consciously presented her things in a high-profile style on the show, Berry said, “Not at all. This is largely related to how many women there are. There are 14 women and I wear tight clothes. This is a physically active environment for women of all shapes, sizes and workout backgrounds. We don’t think our body is an actress, but more like an athlete.”

Angela Sarafyan, who starred at Westworld, hasn’t found any clothing by designer Sharen Davis (because she won an Emmy award for her work in HBO’s science fiction drama). “All the clothes are carefully crafted according to the actual vintage work; the white dress is so ethereal and intricate details, I can’t take one, but I am very happy,” said the actress, who admits she is in real life. Fan of retro clothing.

For Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross, she wore a London House of Holland suit in a tuxedo (“I can still dress myself, you know, I used to be a stylist!” said the high-profile client. Super Stylist Karla Welch, this is her role in contemporary clothing, and she is ultimately coveted. “I have this beautiful Alexander McQueen pink wool blazer with a laser cutout on the back and a vintage strapless dress from Girlfriends.”

There are also many fashion designers, including Janie Bryant, whose work will be seen on Matthew Weiner’s Romanovs, while Mona May is the zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, who ensures that she brings blood stains to the show’s projects. “There are too many beautiful clothes! I have to do something to get noticed,” she said.

Irene, who is always wearing a pale pink trouser suit and a retro Yves Saint Laurent hat, was nominated for the nomination of “Jenny Versace assassination: American crime story”, she is always dressed impeccable. “I actually use it in a concentration of American horror movies,” she said.

“Having this insider perspective is so amazing,” said Avril Graham, executive director of fashion and beauty at Harpers Bazaar, and the dinner conversation began to heat up. problem? 2018 Emmy-nominated fashion designer Paolo Nieddu (empire), Ane Crabtree (maid story), Zaldy (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and Hala Bahmet (This Is Us) will complete Madonna on her 60th birthday . A consensus on a lively exchange? Madge missed an opportunity, great time.

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