2018 celebrity couple dressed up for this Halloween

The only thing more iconic than celebrities is the celebrity couple. Listen, Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift speak best in their 2009 single “Two Is Better Than One.” Two are better than one! Halloween, you can dress up as Lili Reinhart. Or, you can dress up as Lili Reinhart and Coles Plaus – especially when they give TMX a tired, chewing gum interview at the airport. less is more. more and more. Coco Chanel is wrong. You should add another piece of clothing.

Conveniently, for those of us who thrive in celebrity gossip, 2018 is a good year for star romance. Perhaps because the world feels so bad, celebrities suddenly decided that it is time for impulsiveness. After a few months of dating, some of them were engaged. Others are only combined in a new and curious way. All of this is fascinating, making them a great feed for Halloween costumes.
In the future, the 2018 celebrity couple will be a wonderful look for Halloween.

Grinch was out early. More than 200 popular Christmas dresses in the church were stolen

For Ceres’ Grace Community Christian Church, the annual “Bethlehem Journey” program during Christmas may not be a miracle, but it will definitely help a lot.

The church reported that the 21-year-old free-spirited trailer of more than 200 garments was stolen from its 3754 E. Service Road location.

According to the press release, if the clothing cannot be changed, production will not continue. It is seeking donation materials, money and manpower to keep the show going.

Tamara Hult, head of the “Bethlehem Journey”, said the stolen clothing has great emotional value and costs are not small, she said. Some dates can be traced back to the original production. After all, they only wore six nights a season – if the bad weather doesn’t allow the “Journey” walking tour to be staged, it’s even less.

Hott said: “We have started this project, they have passed away, still wearing their clothes.” “No one wears them, but we still feel that they are part of us.

“Some people are too old to attend, but they will see other people in their costumes, which means a lot. Let them be happy to see others wearing it now.”

Hott said that a set of 10 dancer costumes is one of the stolen property. The way the skirts look and spin makes them cost between $75 and $100.

The trailer was stolen from August 20th to 24th. The window of time is so large because office workers do not see the vehicle entering the area where the theft occurred. “This can happen during the day,” she said. “Our door is always open to the community.”

The trailer is the 1995 Wells Cargo twin-axle model ZL. The license is 1VK4695. “But the CHP officials say it is unlikely to find it,” Hott said. Once the thief knew what the goods were, they probably just licked it.

This allowed the Grace Community Church to be attacked for time and money. Hott said it needs more than 120 pieces of clothing made before October. After that, every year we work hard to clean and repair the suit and do all the other work to present the “journey”. She said that clothing creation still exists.

Hott said, “We have been shocked by the emergence of community support.” She said that in her own congregation, the church has no sewing power to complete the work. “There are several churches saying, ‘Give us a date, we will bring people.’”

Hott expressed his gratitude to the cash donation because some companies have already offered material discounts. But she said that fabric gifts are also very popular. Even if the fabric is not suitable for “Journey,” it will be used to make a knee blanket and then sold as a fundraiser for seasonal shows.

As for other help, “If people want to be part of the program, we are always looking for volunteers to speak and not speak,” Hott said. She said that as the number of attendances continues to increase, the church also urgently needs people to monitor parking, provide security and other jobs.

Last year, there was good weather every night, the largest of the “Bethlehem trips”. The number of churches is limited to adults entering the gate. Hott said that the 50-person team has a fast journey, 90% of which are children. Last year, not counting all of these children, 12,000 to 15,000 people took part in the trip.

“The heart we touch, when I walked into the manger, was very warm to me personally, and I can hear people being touched by this experience.”

This year’s date is November 29th to 30th, December 1st and December 6th to 8th.

For donation time or clothing materials, please contact the church office at 209-531-1902. To make a donation, please mail the check directly to Grace Community Christian Church, P.O. Box 2707, Ceres, CA. 95307 or visit the church’s online donation website at https://giving.ncsservices.org/dl/?uid=ncs-2166.

Anyone with theft information should contact the Modesto Regional Office of the California Highway Patrol at 209-545-7440.

How to become a mother of Mama, Donna and the generator of Halloween

My colleague Kathryn Lindsay is convinced that Mamma Mia is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of our time. One day, in the near future, groups of mother Mia fans will gather together and wear work clothes for special screenings of the film.

But we are not there – at least, not yet. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is still in the theater, and years before the process of converting normal movies into cult classics. At the same time, we can show our commitment to Mamma Mia fans on Halloween. Guide your inner Donna, your inner sorrow, and your inner heart Christine Baransky – wrong, Tanya.
What do Donna and Dynamos clothing need? This is easy. Flare pants, open back tops, completely serious. When you walk on the streets of Donna Sheridan costumes, we want you to sing ABBA as you mean. Grab your two friends, put on these dumbbells and see the look of Donna and Dynamos Halloween.

Photo of the Notting Hill Carnival showcases incredible adventures

Photo of the Notting Hill Carnival showcases incredible adventures

The biggest street festival in Europe saw luxury costumes and wonderful dance moves on weekends. About two million revelers came to the two-day Notting Hill Carnival to have fun. Glittering feather performers wear the streets of London and crush their stuff.

They are watched by fun-filled bystanders who make the most of music, street food and party atmosphere. There is also a serious side to the event, as several commemorations mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush in the UK. To commemorate the 72 people who lost their lives in the Glen Felta fire, the music was silent for 72 seconds. The Notting Hill Carnival has been a celebration of Caribbean culture and tradition for more than 50 years. It has developed into the largest street event in Europe, attracting performers and bystanders from all over the UK.

The family day on Sunday was slightly damaged by the rain, but most of the bank holiday on Monday was shining on the sun. The children and dancers of the client barely imagined walking through the streets of western London. On Sunday, the revelers danced with an umbrella on a plastic rubber bucket, but the wet weather device was relieved yesterday. The singer Alexandra Burke was appointed as the first ambassador of the carnival and performed his duties for the first time at the opening. She described it as a “privilege”, just a bit of ‘nut’ as an ambassador, a year-long character designed to help raise the spirit of the community.

The police have also entered into force after obtaining intensive cessation and search power to combat violence. Over 370 people were arrested for major drug and public order crimes throughout the event. A person is stabbed and subjected to non-life-threatening injuries. Scotland Yard said that 7,000 police officers supervised the incident and 30 were injured in the execution of the mission. On Sunday and Monday, the carnival was silent, and thousands of people paid tribute to the victims of Grenfell Tower.

At 3 pm, the revelers left a 72-second silence to commemorate the 72 people who died after the fire in June last year. The tower is less than half a mile from the parade route. Not all carnivals can get this information, and although the music is shut down, many people continue to party, and the DJ’s statement is almost inaudible. On the Rampage sound stage, near the Colville Square, the silence was broken, accompanied by cheers, whistles and the sound of the late Aretha Franklin singing Respect. Matthew Phillips, executive director of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd., pays tribute to Glennfel.

Costumes, comics and bookmarks: Rosemont’s Comic Con is a “creative stage” for pop culture fun

Rosemont’s Wizard World Comic Con has a “creative stage”, but this is a misnomer. A true four-day conference of artists, actors, gamers, writers, entertainers and fans is a creative arena to celebrate pop culture.

Many people dressed in costumes have become creative, turned into pirates, ninjas, Wonder Woman, Hermione or Captain America.

The idea shines in original artwork, as comics, metal bookmarks, ties, handbags, headbands, pillows and hand-painted cups become unique souvenirs.

Creativity has also entered the food, as Max & Benny’s Custom Sweets sells “hero biscuits” to represent characters like Kim Possible, such as “Ghost Hunting” or “Full House”, even Pokemon’s pocket ball.

The event was held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont on Sunday, with vendor presentations, seminars, competitions, signings, trivia, giveaways, costume competitions and concerts, from 10am to 4pm.

As part of a national series, celebrates what organizers call “the best of popular culture” – movies, TV shows, comics, graphic novels, games, technology, science fiction, toys, art, collectibles and live entertainment – Wizard World’s Chicago Conference this year brought a long list of talent.

Tom Welling of “Smallville” and “Lucifer”, Pom Klementieff and Michael Rooker of “Galaxy Guardian” and “Outlander” writer Diana Gabaldon and actors Graham McTavish, Lotte Verbeek, Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton appeared on Thursday Between the day and the longest day of the event Saturday, the fans are provided with photo operations, group discussions and signing sessions.

Fans from far and near, such as Nathan Korel of Michigan (played as Spider-Man), used their signature meeting on Saturday to see their favorite characters. For Korel, this means Kim Possible, dubbed by Christy Carlson Romano and the RWBY team, by Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech and Barbara Dunkelman.

Other fans viewed the seminars and discussions and listened to their favorite stars, such as the “Vampire Killer Buffy” Charm Carpenter and the “Charming” Holly Mary comb in the Pop Culture Women’s Focus Group.

The group started with an easy and interesting explanation, but with some questions, fans let the actress share their views on insecure and deeper themes dealing with criticism.

“In this business, a lot of scrutiny is needed, and you have to shrug, both physically and otherwise,” Combs said. “I learned how to separate me from the products they saw.”

“Some of the most beautiful women I know won’t be more insecure – everyone has it,” Carpenter said. “Trust your purpose, why you are here, you are valuable.”

Fans like 11-year-old Moline’s Brooke Kesk and Chicago’s Shenta Coleman are not just listening, but they are also full of praise.

“Thank you for choosing a female empowerment role,” Coleman said.

These solo: The story of Star Wars Halloween costume is the coolest in the galaxy Every Halloween, we are flooded with Luke, Leia and the stormtrooper costumes.

These solo: The story of Star Wars Halloween costume is the coolest in the galaxy

Every Halloween, we are flooded with Luke, Leia and the stormtrooper costumes. Although we have no doubts about this, we launched a new Star Wars movie in 2018 – and our new inspiration for Star Wars-themed clothing. Solo: The story of a Star Wars gave us a background story we always wanted, our favorite half-tact, and it looks like a nerf nerf herder. But it also gave us a dynamic scene, fans like the new strong female director of Lando Calrissian (played by Donald Glover) and Chewbacca and Val and Qi’ra (played by Thandie Newton and Emilia Clarke respectively).

This year, we recommend that you leave your lightsaber at home and choose a new Star Wars option from the latest movies. The best part is that you don’t have to fly to distant galaxies and go to see your favorite costumes.

Kindergarten apologizes to children wearing Isis costumes in Indonesia

During the Indonesian Independence Day parade, the kindergarten was forced to apologize because it wore black clothing similar to the Isis warrior and handed the toy gun to the toy gun.

Staff at the TK Kartika nursery in Probolinggo, East Java, expressed “regret” about the incident and insisted that they did not intend to “instill violence” or promote radicalism.

The children took part in the parade and held a parade to commemorate the 73rd Independence Day in Indonesia. They held a fake gun like AK47 and wore a black veil on their faces.

Their clothing has caused anger in the world’s largest Muslim country. Some social media users said that after the parade on the Internet, the clothing “does not conform to Indonesian culture.”

Kartika V Hartatik, head of the kindergarten, said the company had tried to “save money” by using props to make clothing in similar parades last year.

“I am sorry, I apologize very deeply,” he told the BBC Indonesia. “We have never considered this impact. It is important to participate in the parade and the children are happy to use the props.”

“I am sorry, I apologize very deeply,” he told the BBC Indonesia. “We have never considered this impact. It is important to participate in the parade and the children are happy to use the props.”

“I am sorry, I apologize very deeply,” he told the BBC Indonesia. “We have never considered this impact. It is important to participate in the parade and the children are happy to use the props.”

Alison Brie and Tracee Ellis Ross talk about the costumes they want to steal from their popular TV shows.

“I didn’t steal anything from the show, I don’t have much good things in real life,” Alison Brie said when asked about Netflix’s female wrestling show GLOW and Beth Morgan’s 80s tights. (The Emmy was nominated for Dedwood in 2004). “After many years, when the show is over, I might grab the purple member jacket. This is not a real member. It is a children’s jacket!”

On Saturday night, when Harper’s Bazaar and the Fashion Designers Association came together to celebrate the appearance of the most popular TV shows, including The Handmaid’s Tale, This Is Us, Empire and RuPaul’s Drag Race, I interviewed Brie.

The party opened on the occasion of the opening of the 12th Annual TV Fashion Design Art Museum at the Museum of Fashion Design and Commodities, and then the wealthy crowd traveled to NoMad to attend a dinner sponsored by The The Cond. OUTNET.com.

Several stars have appeared to support their role image experts. When asked if she consciously presented her things in a high-profile style on the show, Berry said, “Not at all. This is largely related to how many women there are. There are 14 women and I wear tight clothes. This is a physically active environment for women of all shapes, sizes and workout backgrounds. We don’t think our body is an actress, but more like an athlete.”

Angela Sarafyan, who starred at Westworld, hasn’t found any clothing by designer Sharen Davis (because she won an Emmy award for her work in HBO’s science fiction drama). “All the clothes are carefully crafted according to the actual vintage work; the white dress is so ethereal and intricate details, I can’t take one, but I am very happy,” said the actress, who admits she is in real life. Fan of retro clothing.

For Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross, she wore a London House of Holland suit in a tuxedo (“I can still dress myself, you know, I used to be a stylist!” said the high-profile client. Super Stylist Karla Welch, this is her role in contemporary clothing, and she is ultimately coveted. “I have this beautiful Alexander McQueen pink wool blazer with a laser cutout on the back and a vintage strapless dress from Girlfriends.”

There are also many fashion designers, including Janie Bryant, whose work will be seen on Matthew Weiner’s Romanovs, while Mona May is the zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, who ensures that she brings blood stains to the show’s projects. “There are too many beautiful clothes! I have to do something to get noticed,” she said.

Irene, who is always wearing a pale pink trouser suit and a retro Yves Saint Laurent hat, was nominated for the nomination of “Jenny Versace assassination: American crime story”, she is always dressed impeccable. “I actually use it in a concentration of American horror movies,” she said.

“Having this insider perspective is so amazing,” said Avril Graham, executive director of fashion and beauty at Harpers Bazaar, and the dinner conversation began to heat up. problem? 2018 Emmy-nominated fashion designer Paolo Nieddu (empire), Ane Crabtree (maid story), Zaldy (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and Hala Bahmet (This Is Us) will complete Madonna on her 60th birthday . A consensus on a lively exchange? Madge missed an opportunity, great time.

Target’s Disney Baby Halloween costume is very cute and affordable

The only thing more lovely than a sweet baby is the sweet baby in Halloween costumes. Fortunately, there is no shortage of those, even more fortunate, you can get the cutest costumes I have ever seen. That store really has everything you might need, isn’t it? If you feel nostalgic and want something classic, then they will satisfy you. Target has Disney baby clothes and you will lose it seriously. Whether you are a fan of Toy Story or a classic like Winnie the Pooh or Cinderella, you can choose.
Halloween (and all holidays, actually) becomes so different when you have children. No more shameful costumes and family gatherings – but with these outfits, it’s officially better as a parent. Whether it’s your first Halloween or a little one, or you’re already in this trick, you can take your child to a sugar-filled holiday.

In this regard, do not delay. I remember when I was a child, I walked through the store two days before Halloween and desperately wanted to find a costume I liked. Don’t be like me! Get your outfits in ample time, then you can even run some “practices” to see if they are real, you know, put on it!

Before ‘Reference K-POP and MODCLOTH AESTHETIC’ I love all the boys’ costumes

Warning: Here is a light spoiler of Netflix “All Boys I Loved”.

Netflix continues to target rom-com movie games – just like the summer of Asia’s representative – based on “all the boys I have loved”, this is a new movie based on Jenny Han’s best-selling YA novel.

For those teenagers who have not read this book (full disclosure: I), the summary here is: Ladie Jean Song Covey, a middle school and third-year high school student, likes to read the corset trousers (and evokes their own fantasy sequence) ), watch John Hughes’ classic and writing – and solve – give her rude smashed aphrodisiac love letter. She stored unsent notes in her deceased mother’s hat until they were mysteriously mailed to the boys, including former BFF and sister Margot’s boyfriend Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard) and lacrosse brother Peter Ravinsky (Noah Centineo) . Yes, wince

In order to keep the dreamy Josh from thinking that she still loves him (and ultimately hurts Margot), Lara Joan agrees to pretend to be a dreamy Peter, and he wants his predecessor, Genevieve ( Emilija Baranac). But will it leave a trick? Hey, I have seen enough young movies (and CW shows) in the 80s and 90s, knowing that this can be played, but there is absolute, pure happiness: tears, laughter, heavier tears. I also completely fell in love with the Vietnamese-American actress Lana Condor, her first starring role as a dual-ethnic Korean American Lara Jean.

Some parts of the book may have been modified for streaming small screens, but a defined element must be consistent with the source material: fashion. Fashion designer Rafaella Rabinovich said in a phone call in Vancouver, “Laura makes this weird person very good.” “She doesn’t know how cool she is, how style she is. So especially one At first, it’s almost awkward.”

In order to bring the character into life through clothing, Rabinovich looked at Han’s book, wrote a script by Sofia Alvarez and collaborated with director Susan Johnson. “The whole movie has a palette,” she explained. “As a creative team, we all choose magenta, Cayenne and yellow. In a sense, this really helps us define an emotion.”

Rabinovich may seem that Lara Jean himself would seek fashion inspiration: Vogue in the 1990s, the popularity of the Clinton era and K-pop, all related to Lara Jean’s tradition and fashion trends. “I spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at girls who looked at something more romantic, these days – what did they accept?” The costume designer explained that he fell on the Modcloth community and labels at Insta Rabbit Cave. Take a look at how young women design retro-style pieces.