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Total Leather Is The Trend of This Winter

Scratchy like a panther, gritty like a femme fatale. The 70s of punk rock and the irreverent and cheeky Eighties knock on the door of winter 2022 which opens up to the total leather look. Yes, because the leather-mania is back in vogue. And leather pants and skirts call other skin and match with outerwear of the same material. For a glamorous and at the same time rock result. Leather garments embrace urban wear, but their rise is unstoppable. They are thus experiencing a new golden season, with a nod to the decades that have consecrated them to real must-haves.

The total look, however, not only shows its casual side, but also the more refined one. How? Simple, thanks to graceful dresses and pastel colors that give a romantic note to the leather outfit. There is no shortage of examples. Louis Vuitton prefers short skirts and oversized coats, Miu Miu instead marries sweet nuances like cotton candy – yes also for leather garments -, green and lilac for jackets and skinny trousers. Not to mention that red, intense and lively, dominates the scene.

We, therefore, suggest 4 trendy outfits that you will show off all day long!

Gritty to go out with friends

Password: amaze. Yes, but without giving up your super gritty side. Aren’t you afraid to dare? Pair your favorite leather biker jacket – stars like Madonna, Cher, and Linda Evangelista made it iconic in the Eighties, just to name a few – with a pair of pants that follow the leather mania. Choose them skinny if you are tall and slender, they outline the contours of your silhouette, regular and high-waisted if, on the contrary, you have more generous shapes. The strength of the entire outfit? Heeled shoes, of course! Therefore, choose a pair of ankle boots that will slender you even more. Carry a shoulder bag with the chain dipped in gold or silver. You’ll be ready to go out with friends right away. Scratchy in your urban jungle.

Glam for a date

For a tête-à-tête, opt for a short skirt (in leather, of course!) – for example, a detail with an exposed zipper – which you will combine with a black and white or multicolored striped pullover. A combination of absolute trends. It is a casual look, designed especially for the youngest, to be completed with lots of glam accessories. Choose a beret, add a pair of ankle boots rich in straps, and a tone-on-tone shoulder bag. Here you are ready for your appointment!

Trendy to go to the office

Are you tired of the usual classic look and want to break it up with some trendy pieces? Go for a leather garment. Indeed, more than one. To the blazer suit and total black trousers add a long coat declined in burgundy – magnetic and seductive – and close it with a patent leather belt with a buckle. Carry a shoulder bag always dipped in burgundy. A pair of black aviator sunglasses will be your chic touch. And for the shoes? Lace-ups to accentuate that classic and sophisticated allure. To have immediately.

Elegant for the evening

And what’s more, definitely particular. Let yourself, therefore, be conquered by the new leather garments. An example? To the little black dress, add a trench coat. In classic shades of black or burgundy? Certainly not. Copy the trends on the ready-to-wear catwalks and marry red passion, in patent leather. Super glossy. So welcome an oversized coat into your wardrobe and show it off on Saturday night. For such a particular look you need accessories that must certainly amaze. Therefore, prefer a white leather handbag. The film effect is very funny and super trendy for the coldest months of the year. Put on the best high boots, alternatively slingbacks or red kitten heels like the coat. Long live leather!

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