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As you all know by now, an asteroid nicknamed Spooky will be crossing the Northern Hemisphere this Halloween. To celebrate, the craft gods over at Wholesale Halloween Costumes have put together a tutorial DIY “Spooky” Halloween asteroid costume, so that we can win Halloween and honor Spooky while doing it.

While the burning space debris will be tearing through the sky at 78,000 mph, it poses no threat to us here on Earth. Its path is much too far to illicit worries of a collision but close enough to excite people with fancy, professional-grade telescopes because they’ll be able to see it. Despite the fact that the space event and is not a danger to us, it’s more popular than Beyoncé right now. Everyone is talking about Spooky.

So why not take advantage of the hype and be Spooky? Not to mention, you’ll be a great comic relief for the people who will be expecting to see the asteroid shoot through their visible skyline. There’s sure to be a few people who missed the memo on the whole telescope thing, and they will be very happy to see you. So find an open space that you don’t mind destroying with messy art supplies and get to work on your completely un-scary Spooky costume. Here’s what you’ll need:

Find yourself some yellow and red spray paint and a large black garbage bag. Stuff the garbage bag with newspaper or any other recyclable stuffing. Take it all outside and far away from anything you don’t want ruined. Spray the hell out of the garbage bag. Go nuts. Mix the red and the yellow streams of paint for a blazing orange. Leave to dry. Once the paint is dry, remove the stuffing, cut holes for your arms and head.

This from Wholesale Halloween Costumes will give you illusion of movement. When you run through the streets, your fringe will fly behind you creating convincing trails. Pull it around your shoulders like a blanket and keep it in place with a few pieces of tape.

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