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The Right Hairstyles For A Younger Look

Did you know that the right hairstyle can make you look younger? That’s right! With a few trims or even a total hair makeover, you’ll be able to appear years younger than your actual age. Here’s how!


1. Wavey Bobs


The wavy bob is something of an adventurous hairdo, especially if you’re someone who’s had long locks for years. Don’t worry. We’re here to tell you that this change in hairstyle is worth it. Waves soften your cheekbones while its short trim softens your jawline.

Also, the messy-waved bob has a very youthful bounce and spunk to it.

2. Mid-Length Waves + Side-Swept Bangs

A hair cut similar to what we have on number 1, only, it’s about two to 3 inches longer. And a fringe is a must. Mid-length hair should fall below your chin and rest close to where your collar bone is. This can instantly make you appear youthful.

Curl those strands for a lose-wave ‘do and make sure your bangs are side-swept. Plus, don’t be too caught up in creating perfect curls. A messy-vibe is what you’re looking for. That’s the recipe for a youthful hairstyle.


3. Pixie Cut

It’s gotten shorter now, hasn’t it? If number 1 is for the adventurous, number 3 is for the brave! It isn’t exactly a go-to in terms of women’s hairdos. But if you’re really up for it, a pixie cut is another style to beat.

Due to the fact that there won’t be strands dropping around your face, instead of pulling it downward, it’ll lift the appearance of your cheekbones.


4. Soft Bangs

When trimmed the right way, bangs are a safe choice for a youthful hairdo. Just make sure you’re really decided on it. Because if one day you’ll feel as though you’re tired of bangs, you’ll have to wait until they grow back. Hence, you might as well follow through with it! Not only will they allow you to have a fresh image but they also look very chic!

5. Braids

You didn’t expect this one, did you? It doesn’t involve having your locks cut. It only requires that you spend time braiding it at home. Braids are a natural and very budget-friendly hairstyle that makes strong jawlines a bit more gentle. A side-braid or a crown are awesome picks you’ll want to try.


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