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Office Workers, Choose Anti-Blue Glasses to Protect Their Eyesight

As technology is advancing, it is causing more and more damage to the eyes due to excessive exposure to screens. The screens release rays which can permanently damage the eyes, apart from causing symptoms like dry eyes, red eyes, eye irritation, and swelling. In order to reduce the harm, a lot of people are opting for the ‘Anti-blue lens’ which blocks out the harmful rays given off by screens. Here are a few options that you can try:

1.       The patterned glasses

These glasses are for those who want a cute, fun style without compromising on their eye health. The subtle pink pattern on the black frame makes the wearer look cool and fun.  The rectangular frame suits almost all face shapes and that is what makes this option a versatile one.

2.       The minimal style

Want a minimal frame that will not take away the attention from your eyes? This is the ideal option for it. The round frame with a thin metallic border gives off a serious, classy look and is ideal for students and professionals alike.

3.       The quirky style

This style is very different yet refreshing. It varies vastly from the normal shapes of the glasses that we see usually. The hexagonal frame is perfect for those who like to rebel against the odds. The bold yet simple style is sure to put you in the limelight

4.       The white style

Tired of seeing only black, blue, or other dark-colored glasses? This is the ideal choice for people who want to choose a different style other than the boring dark frames. The round frame is very cute and complements every face shape. The simple white color makes you look trendy and fashionable while looking after your eyes

5.       The professional style

Are you a professional who wants a simple, decent, and working frame of glasses? This black rectangular frame makes it ideal for regular, everyday use. Its shape makes it perfect for everyone while the plain black color adds a touch of seriousness and formality.

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