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Ins Super Stylish Shoulder Bag for Women

For us women the bag is an indispensable accessory. It tells a lot about us and our style. Choosing the right one is therefore a fundamental step! But how, and what strategies to follow?

First of all, it must be said that the ideal bag must take into account these factors: the physical morphology, the context and the style.

Physicality and stature

  • If you are petite, choose a small or at most medium-sized bag for the day. Choosing a large handbag will make you look shorter!
  • If you are of average height, a medium sized bag is fine.
  • If you are tall, or very tall, a maxi-bag is also perfect.
  • If your upper part (shoulders, breasts, etc.) is more robust than the lower part (thinner), prefer a handbag or shoulder bag.
  • If in your body the hips area is the widest part of it, prefer a shoulder bag rather than a crossbody bag.

Context and practicality

First, let’s make a distinction: is it a day bag or an evening bag? For day bags, choose a passe-partout color that goes with everything. A neutral color is perfect, to be chosen according to the colors of your wardrobe: the ideal is black, gray, blue, beige, brown, also because usually this type of handbag is not changed very often or at least not all the days. For the evening, a metallic bag is perfect (gold and silver are very trendy and very versatile) or a clutch in classic black, perhaps with applications and decorations of other colors or materials.

Better to invest in a medium budget bag than trying to save money by buying a poor-quality bag; in fact, in three months, you will be forced to buy it back because most likely it will be broken or ruined! Much better then to choose a leather or eco-leather bag, in resistant and evergreen material; not to forget two important aspects: practicality and safety. Forget those awesome bags that don’t have a zipper and stay open. Prefer models with a zipper, and also make sure that they are practical: make sure that everything you usually carry around can fit. So perfect are the models with multiple internal compartments and perhaps with the detachable shoulder strap.


Let’s face it, matching bags and shoes to your outfit aren’t always easy. On the other hand, if you have many models of bags and shoes of every style and color, finding the perfect mix should be quite simple, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. At this point, the most popular question is: should bags and shoes be combined?

In the past, yes, but now the bags and shoes of the same color are used only if the look is particularly elaborate. In these cases, in fact, we must not overdo the colors, or the final effect will be excessive. Also keep in mind that the maximum number of colors that can be worn is three. So go ahead and give your creativity free rein. Abandon the rule of mandatory matching bags and shoes.

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