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Girls’ Essential Spring Boots + Skirts

The skirt has always been a symbol of elegance and femininity. The miniskirt, for example, first appeared in the 1960s and has been worn by all women ever since. It is definitely a must and everyone has at least one in their wardrobe.

There are skirts of different models and lengths, but often it is not known what to combine them with. Precisely for this reason, here are some tips on how to wear the skirt with ankle boots, perfect for spring. Ankle boots worn combined with a longuette, as well as a mini or maxi length, are a classic of the spring months. Small variations are enough to make the outfit much more glamorous and captivating!

Midi skirt and amphibians

A pair of ankle boots, more or less opaque tights, and a skirt (short or long makes no difference), and the spring look is quickly done. However, those who are tired of the usual combinations and would like to venture something new can give a decidedly more glamorous and captivating touch to an outfit so classic that it risks becoming almost banal. Let’s take the midi skirt: to avoid the unattractive effect that is often accompanied by a calf-length skirt, it is sufficient to add to the ensemble a pair of ankle boots model trekking and with heavy soles (amphibians, to be clear) and a turtleneck sweater. The final result will be fun and original but, at the same time, elegant.

Mini skirt and lace-up ankle boots

With a pleated miniskirt the risk of looking like a student is almost obvious. To avoid this, however, just add a pair of sheer stockings and lace-up ankle boots to the look.

Skirt with side slit and black boots

A skirt with a side slit is already sexy on itself, but adding a pair of classic black ankle boots (even better if with a medium chunky heel) is the simplest and easiest way to accentuate its sassy and cheeky character.

Checked skirt and white boots

White boots can be a bit problematic to combine within an outfit, unless you add them to a checked miniskirt. Complete everything with a pair of sheer stockings: the final effect is both elegant and stylish.

Long skirt and boots with silver boots

The long denim skirt has been experiencing a fashion revival since the 90s. The addition of a pair of silver ankle boots, combined with opaque black tights, will give it a decidedly 2021 air.

Which skirts with high or over-the-knee boots?

If with ankle boots everything is very easy, with high or over-the-knee boots you may need a little extra care, but in general, you can indulge yourself with combinations.

If midi skirts are your best friends, you can combine a leopard-print one with very simple black knee-high boots; one in wool flannel with white ankle boots; or one in tulle with a nice pair of biker boots.

If you prefer long skirts, you could opt for a floral model, perfect with a pair of very sensual high-heeled boots, or, if you love miniskirts and can’t give them, wear them with suede calf boots and you will always exploit them.

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