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Best Dressed of the Night: The 6 Best Outfits from the Grammys

The Grammy Awards are known for being a night crammed with confetti and exuberance, and this year’s celebration was no divergent! A night of outstanding fashion was held in Los Angeles, and a number of the most prominent figures in the music business were there. On the red carpet, there were a lot of unprecedented looks, but only 6 people were able to walk away with the title of Best Dressed. In this article, we’re going to take a look at those 6 different outfits and analyze what about them made them stand out. This article contains something for everyone, whether you’re seeking some new ideas for your wardrobe or you simply want to gawk at the tremendous outfits that others have put together.

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.

—- Says Oscar de la Renta

First up on our list of Best Dressed is:

Mary J. Blige: Most Shine-Your-Light!

Mary J. Blige, standing with her right hand on her hip, in a silver dress with a mirrored-effect fabric that resembles a disco ball.

You just could not take your eyes off this beautiful ensemble! Mary J. Blige graced the red carpet in a dress designed by The Blonds that was silver and adorned with crystals. Suffice it to say that she left everyone in amazement. She walked down the carpet with poise and assurance, allowing her dress to do the talking as she did so and making everyone else feel like they were in second place. She expressed to Laverne Cox that she was just “appreciative to still be alive,” and we couldn’t help but feel grateful for her flawlessly put-together outfit after hearing her say this.

Next up 2nd is:

Brandi Carlile: Most Debonair!

Brandi Carlile wearing a sparkly black suit, a pink shirt, and a black tie. She is between Phil Hanseroth, left, and Tim Hanseroth, both in black suits and black shirts.

Why let the guys have all the fun? Brandi Carlile’s artful Atelier Versace suit was a refreshing change to the usual red carpet attire. Her satin suit had been bedazzled down the sleeves and trousers, which made it look even more magnificent in combination with her hot pink shirt and skinny tie. She looked like she had stepped out of a vintage magazine, and we loved every bit of her look. The overall effect was tasteful yet eye-catching, perfect for drawing attention without going overboard.

Next up 3rd is:

Laverne Cox: Most Iconic!

Laverne Cox, with her hair pulled back and two tendrils framing her face, wearing a black reptile-skin dress with Egyptian graphics, accessorized with a gold necklace.

Are there any words that can truly do justice to Laverne Cox’s stunning getup? She wore a sleeveless reptile-skin dress by Kim Kassas, inspired by the look of Claudette Colbert in the 1934 film “Cleopatra” and Andre Leon Talley. According to Laverne herself, she was looking for something that would make a statement, and this dress did just that. It had an almost regal quality to it while still remaining modern and fresh. Her look was a reminder of how fashion can be both powerful and timeless at the same time.

Next up 4th is:

Bebe Rexha: Most Barbiecore!

Bebe Rexha wearing a revealing bubblegum-pink silk dress and long pink gloves.

Most people probably wouldn’t think to wear a Barbie-inspired ensemble, but that’s exactly what Bebe Rexha did! She wore an all-pink Moschino outfit designed by Jeremy Scott. The look was reminiscent of the iconic doll and had everyone talking about the boldness of her fashion choice. It wouldn’t be terribly surprising if this entire Moschino outfit was a promotional stunt for Greta Gerwig’s forthcoming “Barbie” film. Nevertheless, it had us wishing we could pull off something as cool and effortless as Bebe Rexha did!

Next up 5th is:

Taylor Swift: Most Anti-hero!

Taylor Swift, turned toward the left, in a purple sequined top with long sleeves and matching long skirt, with waist exposed.

To tell you the truth, it was pretty much impossible to miss Taylor Swift on the red carpet. She was wearing a floor-length skirt and a cropped turtleneck by Roberto Cavalli, both of which were embellished with just the right amount of sequins to represent the night sky. Because she wore a predominance of black, she exuded an aura of mystery and was able to differentiate herself from the other celebrities thanks to her choice of attire. The fact that her outfit embodied confidence and audacity, much like her songs and lyrics, made it an ideal fit for Taylor’s fashion sense.

Next up 6th is:

Machine Gun Kelly: Most Confusing!

Machine Gun Kelly, with wispy blond hair, facing the camera and wearing a silver suit and silver boots.

Last but not least, Machine Gun Kelly wore a suit that was inspired by the Warhol Factory. His look was topped off with a bejeweled collar attached to a harness, which really made him stand out from all the other celebrities on the red carpet. It’s safe to say that his outfit was as muddled and confusing as his banter with Laverne Cox, but at the same time, it was still undeniably iconic. Machine Gun Kelly’s look proved that fashion could be both strange and chic all at once.

Thus, these six celebrities really served up some amazing looks on the red carpet! From Brandi Carlile’s debonair suit to Taylor Swift’s antihero ensemble, each celebrity looked stunning in their own unique way. We can’t wait to see what they wear next!

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