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The Best Sandals You Should Have This Summer!

This season, upgrade your shoe collection with the best sandals for summer! You’ll be surprised at the new and funky-fresh items that are current style favorites, as well as older styles that have found their way back to today’s fashion umbrella.


1. A Feminine Touch With Knotted Slide Sandals

This sandal design has been resurrected from a sandal trend from some decades ago (as is any other fashion style that’s rebirthed every N number of years). The beauty of this knotted, almost bow-like design is that it has an oh-so-sweet, delicate feminine element to it.


More than that, their straps are usually made of leather or synthetic leather that’s soft on the feet.

2. Strappy Sandals With A Low, Block Heel

It’s all love, love, love with mid-to-low block heels. They’re elegant yet absolutely comfy to wear and walk around in from morning until evening. For summer fashion, strappy low block heels are the chicest way to style-up any look, whether you’re wearing jeans or a skirt.


3. Platform Sandals

Remember when we once thought that platforms were a thing of the past? Well, they’re back with a punch. A charmingly chic punch, that is. Strappy platform sandals have that cool vibe that’s just summery all over.

If you choose an espadrille pair, then the better. After all, espadrilles are always a win for beach weather, right? Additionally, these platform sandals also look great as a slip-on. So grab those, too, if you come across them during your summer shopping spree.

4. One, Two, Three-Strapped Slip-On Sandals

Yup. They’re not only for walking comfortably. Strapped slip-on sandals are fashionable this year! Choose ones that are easy to pair with or ones that are statement pieces to amp up your entire getup.


5. Do That Thong, For Thong Sandals

Last but definitely not least, thong sandals. Another throwback to sandal fashion some time ago. Now, it’s back in full swing and is classier than ever. Whether with chunky block heels or stilettos, keep them on the mid-to-low height and you’ve got the right pair.

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