How do you react to these teachers’ Halloween costumes, depicting Mexican stereotypes and side walls?

How do you react to these teachers’ Halloween costumes, depicting Mexican stereotypes and side walls?

Looking at the photos and headlines above, journalist Joe Paris posted the photos and titles on Twitter. What is your reaction? why?

The person shown is a teacher. Is the photo taken in elementary school?

In “The school district apologizes for the Mexican stereotypes and the pillars of the wall pillars,” Sarah Mervosh writes:

The two photos were published in several costume images on the school district’s Facebook page before being removed. One saw a group of people wearing wide-brimmed hats, ponchos and black beards; another staff member wore American patriotic equipment and stood behind a cardboard wall.

… These photos exacerbate racial differences in a predominantly white country, but Hispanics are the largest minority. This incident also occurred when the president sparked anti-immigration hostility before the midterm elections. Josh J. Middleton, head of the Middleton School District, said the school district is investigating what happened.

“Do I think this bad decision is malicious? No, I don’t,” he said in a Facebook video released on Friday. “Is the judgment involved poor? Absolutely.” He added that he “is very troubled by our staff’s decision to wear clothing that is clearly insensitive and inappropriate.”

Students, read the entire article, then tell us:

– What do you think people should wear as a Halloween costume? If so, how do you define these limits? Why do you define them like this?

– When the person in charge dresses up for the teacher to attend the school masquerade ball, will your answer change? Why or why not?

– Are you offended by the teacher’s clothing or the subject they choose to represent? Do you think people in their community are reasonable in their anger?

– What punishment do you think people who participate in the “Border Wall” theme Halloween costumes should accept?

– Should this topic be banned at school? What about other public places? Description.

– Do you think this event has the ability to negatively affect ethnic relations in Idaho and elsewhere? Do you think it can lead to positive results? Explain your position.

– Do you make teachers’ standards different from those of other adults when speaking and acting properly? Why or why not?

– Jon Yorgason, whose children participated in the school where the masquerade ball was held, and set a line between “dressing up another culture and depicting the boundary wall” because the wall is “this One of the most sensitive and controversial political issues in the country. “First of all, do you think that members who dress up differently from their own culture are always or never accepted? Second, do you think that if the wall is not a topic of heated debate, will this event become national news?

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