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Couple Canvas Shoes, Which Ones Are Worth Buying?

Canvas shoes are usually popular among teenagers and young adults because of their relaxed style and comfortability. However, they also make a great couple of shoes that you and your partner can enjoy wearing outside together.

There are a lot of designs you can choose from for a pair of canvas shoes. Brands like Keds, Vans and Converse are famous for having the most fabulous canvas shoes. Isn’t it adorable to have complementing shoes with your partner? Check out the shoes in this list, and you’ll indeed find gift inspiration or fun ideas for your significant other.

if you are wondering what you can gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend, here are some of the coolest designs of couple canvas shoes that you can get:

1. Plain-Colored Canvas Shoes

You can get your boyfriend or girlfriend to wear plain-colored canvas shoes because even if you have the same style of shoes, it doesn’t look cheesy.

It is a famous shoe style so that you can get this from Joom, Keds, Vans, and many other shoe stores.

Couple Shoes for Men and Women Shoes | Canvas Shoes: Yellow, White and Black

(Shop at

2. Miniature Art Couple Canvas Shoes

This pair of Canvas canvas shoes are adorable. If you look closely, you can see a charming heart-finger heart design, and on the other pair, you can see that it has a miniature art with a bunch of pretty random things.

If you or your partner love being edgy, funky, and cool, then despair of canvas shoes is definitely for both of you.

Presents Canvas Shoes Combo of 2 Canvas Shoes For Women  (Grey, White)

(Shop at

3. Dark-Colored Canvas Shoes

For more mature couples, plain colored or designed canvas shoes are better to wear to any outfit you may have. The key to wearing a couple of shoes is not really to look identical but to look like you complement each other with a design.

Like with this pair of couple shoes, one is plain black, and the other has stripes. They have different designs but the same type of shoes.

Long walk – Perfect Combo Pack of 2 Casual Shoes and Women Sneakers Canvas Shoes For Women 

(Shop at

4. Checkered and Musical Canvas Shoes

Do both you and your partner love listening or making music? Then this pair of notes and sounds canvas couple shoes are perfect for both of you.

No, it doesn’t look exactly alike; they complement each other with the notes and the visual representation of what you usually hear when listening to music. It’s a fun pair of couple shoes that both of you can delight in if you love the party or music scene.

Women Casual & Running Shoes Combo Pack of 2 Canvas Shoes For Women  (Multicolor)

(Shop at

5. The Complete Opposite

If your boyfriend doesn’t like cheesy couple shoes, you can get a pair for him with the same type of shoes but has a plain color. This is so both of you still have the same kind of shoes that complement each other.

Long walk Perfect Combo Pack of 2 Casual Shoes, Women Sneakers Canvas Shoes For Women  (Pink, Black)

(Shop at

6. Same Design and Style but Different Colors

Unisex Super Recycled Canvas Floral Print Unisex Royal Lo Floral Print

(Shop at

Look matching with your boyfriend by getting the same shoes in a different color. Then, instead of looking like twins, both of you will look like partners. These shoes from Keds feature floral designs.

The Unisex Super Recycled Canvas Floral Print is white with vibrant blue, pink, and white flower art. It’s a classic design that was popular in New York hip-hop streetwear. Now that it’s back, you can have cool kicks with its vintage design.

On the other hand, the Unisex Royal Lo Floral Print has a bigger floral print inspired by traditional Japanese floral prints.

7. Unisex Couple Shoes

Unisex Royal Hi Unisex Royal Hi

(Shop at

These couple shoes are primarily inexpensive, so no matter your age, whether you’re a teenager or a little bit older, you and your partner can enjoy these fun couple shoes. You can’t even get a pair where you can design them yourself as long as you get a pair of blank canvas couple shoes

8. Tie-Dye Canvas Couple Shoes

Unisex Royal Lo Tie Dye Seersucker Unisex Royal Lo Tie Dye Seersucker

(Shop at

Tie-dye has been very popular over the last couple of months, and this trend transcended to other accessories like shoes. Look matchy with your boyfriend through tie-dyed sneakers. Though not precisely look-like, having different tie-dyed shoes makes for a great couple without looking cheesy. This canvas shoe set looks in style and is very reminiscent of vintage shoes.

9. Lace-Up Canvas Couple Shoes

Nature Breeze Lace-up Canvas Sneakers in Black Lace-Up Women’s Canvas Sneakers in White

(Shop at

Nothing too out of the ordinary, this pair of couple shoes are stylish, classy, and versatile. They’re also affordable, and you can get them at Walmart.

By looking at the shoes, you and your partner will get a lot of use with these lace-up shoes. Whether you’re wearing jeans or shorts, looking cute has never been easy. So look adorable with your partner by being your most stylish self with black and white couple canvas shoes that won’t make you go broke.

10. Matching Vans Couple Shoes


(Shop at

Look dashing with your significant other with a matching blue and white floral design. Whether you choose to get the high-top or low-cut sneakers, you’re bound to match with your partner! It features unique and unisex floral designs that are both manly and feminine.

These canvas couple shoes are perfect in their way. Consider both of your styles and preference will help you look matching in different canvas shoes. If you have difficulty choosing, you can consider the type of shoes, design, and how well both pairs of shoes go together.

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