Looks like no more than your all-black wardrobe clothing concept for this Halloween

Looks like no more than your all-black wardrobe clothing concept for this Halloween

We have all failed to get it on Halloween costumes, maybe twice, and for some of us, maybe not every year. Halloween is as bad as Wednesday (such as this year’s situation), especially. Mid-week Halloween usually means that the party can fall before the weekend or after the weekend. This level of hesitation opens the bleak door to the costume arrangement. Don’t be the last person trying to throw it on the sheets and call it the night.
But with the existence of clothing choices (a sexy maid? Really?), you can’t be blamed for pushing it off. Our brains only design a pleasing little dress every few years. This time, we are skipping the clothing shopping trip and taking a more reasonable (read: easier) route, one that utilizes our own wardrobe. Since our three-quarters of the closet is made up of something black in some way, we are using what we know and have to make this Halloween our best and mediocre. From classic works like Adams on Wednesday to more timely characters, such as the American horror story: George’s Witch, these ideas finally embrace your affinity for the soft wardrobe.
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Don’t forget this step of your Halloween costume

Don’t forget this step of your Halloween costume

Nothing hurts more than the moment you walk into the Halloween party. A friend gives you a quick time, frowns and asks you what to wear. That person hits your body like a punch, especially when you spend a few weeks tracking an authentic red satin dress (which is not cheap), your hair loosely curls and even makes me On the Bieber logo is a icing on the cake, you think it is the perfect Selena Gomez costume.
In order to withstand any horrible doubts this year, consider raising your celebrity costume to a whole new level of credibility – up to the nails. Prior to this, we have zoomed in on the guides in the hands of our favorite A-listers to get an idea of how to achieve each of their iconic nail styles. So, whether you need to sit down and get a file and some nude colors, or invest in a gel extension like Ariana Grande, you need to know exactly how to complete your outfit.

‘Panther’ fashion designer celebrates in retrospective

For more than 30 years, the creation of fashion designer Ruth E. Carter has brought the African-American experience to the big screen, from the 19th-century “Amistad” slave ship to the “doing the right thing” in Brooklyn in the 1980s. The land of non-liberal Wakanda is located in the “Black Panther”. Now, she brings her work to Pittsburgh and presents a new exhibition called “Heroes & Sheroes: Ruth E. Carter’s Art and Influence in Black Cinema”.

The show recently opened at Senator John Heinz’s historic center, exhibiting more than 40 out of nine movies and continuing until December 2.

Carter said in a recent telephone interview: “I have been thinking about reviewing for a while, I really like Pittsburgh, so this seems to be a comfortable place to test the waters of the exhibition.”

Since Spike Lee hired her as a “Daze School Costume Designer” in the early 1980s, Carter has transformed more than 50 films for the design of theatre companies and dance companies. They are not only cooperating with more than a dozen movies.

She also won two Oscar-winning best fashion design nominations, first in 1993 Lee’s “Malcolm X” – which made her the first nominated African-American in the category – and the history of Steven Spielberg in 1998 The slave ship drama “Amistad”. She was also nominated for the Emmy Award for the “root” in 2016.

The exhibition will celebrate her rich career and showcase sketches and film clips as well as costumes in the film, including “Amistad”, “Sparkle”, “What is the relationship between love and it”, “The Butler”, “Malcolm X”, “Selma, “do the right thing,” and of course the “black panther.”

“I think fashion design is a bit mysterious to people, and it’s an opportunity to understand fashion designers as artists and storytellers,” Carter said. “In my 35 years of dressing, I have found that my creative process and the movies I have made have narratives and sounds. These films have been lined up to tell the story of African-Americans in this country.”

Halloween costumes for deaf women are ridiculous offenses, so please stop

Halloween is coming. Many of us may already be planning costumes for #Halloweekend and figure out that we are doing solo, with partners or teams. Planning needs to consider the Halloween style you want: Do you want more things? Still practical? Still sexy? Of course, every piece of clothing will have a different reaction. The latter may be accompanied by people’s Halloween costumes.
Unfortunately, if you wear sexy Halloween costumes, people sometimes make their own satirical comments based on your clothing choices. Choosing a sexy nurse, cat, pop star or anything else can really invite you to make a lot of rude comments on your sex life. People may say that your outfit is “slutty” or suggest something to you based on your outfit.

But in fact, it is 2018. When will people stop humiliating the swearing of women? Moreover, because of their wearing, making assumptions about anyone’s sexual life is ridiculous. In addition, even if people wearing sexy clothes are sexually active, this is not a bad thing. Why can’t people just live to make life? If someone has a positive sex life, that’s fine. This is actually not a person’s business, but their own business, so making any form of assumption about their personality is actually disgusting. So, yes, choosing a sexy Halloween costume definitely has no sex about anyone (of course!). But this does not stop some people from acting like you are a bad person, because you are showing some skin.

In addition, sexy clothing does not necessarily indicate a person’s taste. Many Halloween costumes designed for women are designed to be tight, short or exposed. Simply choosing what they can use can make a person feel ashamed? Why do people judge individual women based on clothing choices rather than questioning clothing companies that mainly produce clothing? There are other factors that explain why someone might wear more inspiring clothing, such as cost and accessibility. Maybe that person forgot the plan, the last few pieces of the Halloween store are more inspiring, or they have to scale down. So!

Although there are some main bastards that always have something to say, if you want to choose a more sexy Halloween costume, be sure to continue. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you to do this, but a little reminder does not hurt. This holiday is for dressing up, eating candy and all-round ghosts. Indulge in any outfit you want to wear. If people want to be bitter and mean you have a good time, then maybe they will be deceived and not treated on October 31st.

Police: Auburn women bought children’s Halloween costumes with stolen cards, owning Tasers

According to the New York State Police, an Auburn woman was arrested on Monday after she stole an employee at the Fingerlakes Mall and was found to have a Taser.

Jessica T. Richardson, 22, completed an interview at JCPenney in Fingerlakes Mall on Monday and left the store. According to the state police, on the same day, she returned to an office in the store to retrieve the phone she left behind. She started taking a wallet and wallet from an employee and then went to the Soul Halloween store in the mall to buy two children’s clothing. Police said Richardson used the prepaid debit card belonging to the employee to pay for the clothing.

According to the police, when she was arrested shortly after purchasing the clothing, the police found that she had a ViperTek taser and was arrested in Buffalo for two activities.

Richardson is accused of four-level theft and four-level criminals. She was tried in the town of Aurelius and was remanded to Cayuga County Prison without bail. She is scheduled to appear at 7 pm. September 19th.

The Costumes of the Museum of the Americas has launched a new exhibition, coloring book

The costumes of the Deanport Park Museum of America has launched the first of a series of coloring books to complement its latest exhibition “Respect the Past, Coloring the Future”.

The Fiesta Mexicana coloring book and exhibition showcases 11 Mexican costumes as well as Mexico’s most popular national costumes, Charro and China’s Poblana, representing Mexico and Distrito Federal.

“By studying their authentic clothing, you can learn a lot about culture,” says Museum Costume Chairman Cristina Tijerina, who leads the coloring book project. Coloring books about authentic costumes in Mexico, “But they just don’t meet our needs, so we made our own. We want them to be real,” she said.

This book is illustrated by the Brownsville artist Don Breeden, which is reminiscent of the annual song and dance performances of school children held during the Charo Day at Sam Memorial Stadium.

Each page on the center has a smaller version of the garment, and Tijerina is precisely and carefully colored according to the actual costumes that appear in the exhibition.

“Our mission is to share the culture and history that is evident in these costumes,” said Karen Ray, chairman of the museum’s board of directors. The clothing of the Museum of the Americas is located in the Children’s Museum of Brownsville, on the right.

One of the goals of the project is to involve children. Ray said that the coloring book will be sold at the entrance to the museum for $5, enough to recover the cost.

Women say that the fifth-grade social studies curriculum includes local culture and clothing. The design of the exhibition and coloring book is carried out at the same time. The museum is managed by a volunteer committee and most of its members are former teachers.

A poster-sized study guide that provides details about each local garment, incorporated into the exhibition, and includes a display case for Native American clothing and dresses. The study guide is for teachers who want to use the museum as a teaching resource. The museum includes more than 600 pieces from Mexico and the Americas, some of which are ready for group travel.

The museum entrance fee is $2, but it is free on Sundays.

“We hope that people in Brownsville come here to enjoy what we have,” Ray said. “We want it to work for all economic backgrounds,” she said of the free Sunday admission.

The museum will hold a grand exhibition at 5:30 pm. On September 17, Breeden will sign a color book on the scene with entertainment, botanical gardens and murals, and will hold a sweepstakes for the original “Viejitos” prints signed by Breeden. The donation of C. Fount Ray made the Fiesta Mexicana coloring book project possible.

Future coloring books are planned in other Mexican states, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Shazam’s director talks about the tricky nature of superhero costume design

Careful fans may have noticed Shazam’s suit, and you know that Shazam has changed slightly between early images, trailers and newly released marketing materials. This is obviously how it develops.

Shazam’s director, David F. Sandberg, was asked by a recent Reddit fan about a recent picture: Why does the color change? Sandberg showed the level of usability that many directors could not see (honestly, to be honest) and pointed out the complexity of superhero costume design and Shazam’s clothing is still in progress.

He said:

Making a suit is hard. Just like drawing in the room, you can look at the small sample all day, but you won’t really see the effect until you’re done. Since I decided to change the fabric at a very late time and didn’t have time to test as much as possible, in some lights (especially daylight), the color of the finished suit didn’t look as I expected. I think we only need to adjust it in the post. Unfortunately, the first image released did not complete any post-production. This is correct because we put the trailer together. I think that since the photo appeared there, maybe we shouldn’t deviate too far in the trailer. It can be confusing.

This picture is closer to my goal, but it is still a work in progress and we will see our final result. No image (or trailer) also has a finished bolt effect (it won’t be an extreme effect or anything, but it’s more than just a simple glow).

Superhero suits are very important and sometimes the most controversial part of their films. Finding clothing that conveys the core aesthetics of the character will also be almost impossible to work in the real world of the movie. Look at all the arrangements of Spider-Man costumes in his live-action movie.

Sandberg offers a good insight into how this process works in the production of these films, just like everything else in the movie, it seems to be a matter of detail. Optimize, iterate and optimize until it’s done.

Shazam, the hero starring Zachary Levi, was released on April 5, 2019.

How to make all boys’ costumes mix high school movie clichés

When Lara Jean Covey was in the final scene of “All the boys I loved”, she took a firm step on the Adler High School Lacrosse Stadium, the scene The star is not the one we have just spent nearly a hundred minutes of decline – it is LJ’s platform oxford shoes, she is paired with mustard thigh socks. These platforms convey everything about the indoor life of a shy character in a succinct and stylish way: Lara Jean is an updated millennial version of the classic romantic comedy leader, such as Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock. She is an elevated version – in fact, helping to close the 9-inch height difference between Lana Condor and Noah Centineo on the platform.

For all the boys’ fashion designer Rafaella Rabinovich, they are very familiar with the attraction of the platform. “Jeffrey Campbell’s beautiful shoes!” she said. “Unfortunately, they are no longer available, but it is the most coveted project in the movie.”

In order to design a costume for high school romantic comedy, Rabinovich strives to remix the usual high school stereotypes. Hot athletes wear pilot jackets instead of a Letterman jacket; this popular girl wears chokers instead of Mean Girls-esque plaid mini mini, while the annoying sister wears T-shirts with “Girl Power” “[It] is not To create shame or tease [those clichés], but everyone can find themselves in the movie,” she explained. “So we have to talk to everyone and they will feel very familiar.”

This is the fabulous look of Rabinovich in the rest of the movie.

Lara Jean talks about her emotions slowly, but she expresses her vivid inner life through her bold, surprising style. Rabinovic wanted the style of the character to be removed from the old-fashioned store and the eclectic store: on her first day of her junior year, she paired khaki shorts and boots with knee-high socks and flannel. But when Lara began pretending to date, her style would turn pale pink and floral. “I think it shows that she is becoming more confident,” Rabinovic said. The flower details began to appear at Peter’s important moment: when she signed their relationship contract, LJ wore a floral print dress, and when Peter came over to invite her to a party, she wore a floral print apron and a family gathering of pilot jackets with embroidered flowers.

After a huge confrontation between Lara Jean, Peter and Josh, Lara Jean tore up the fake contract and learned that her kiss Peter’s video leaked. In the winter break, she wore a sweater with pink and yellow stripes and played in the room. Rabinovich’s inspiration comes from an unlikely holiday: “This is Christmas, she is so frustrated, we [match with sweaters] Easter colors, this looks like the concept of rebirth,” Rabinovich Say. “We want a moment to say, ‘Everything will be fine.'”

For the hot, wholesome lacrosse player Peter Cavinsky, Rabinovich considered putting Noah Centineo into the classic Letterman jacket, but eventually decided to use khaki. “We want to make him a fantastic guy, but find the middle position between the athlete and the guy wearing J.Crew,” Rabinovic said. With Josh wearing jeans, Kakis is a good choice for Peter, and Rabinovic hopes to look like a very cute fascinator. “[The boy’s style shouldn’t define too much for you,” Rabinovich said. “It’s not that they don’t seem to have much ideas, but we want them to be true.”

The filmmakers wanted to unearth a lonely boy-style stereotype for Josh Sanderson, Margot’s ex-boyfriend and Lara Jean’s secret whitewash. When Israel Brusad came to his accessories, he told Rabinovic to say firmly to him: “He is like, ‘Can you do me a favor? I don’t want to wear too many plaids.” Can’t tell me why, but he told me, ‘In my last job, I wore a lot of plaids.’ “In that movie, the groundhog Japanese happy death day, Broussard in the whole movie Plaids are worn in the reset schedule. Rabinovich said, instead of the plaid, Josh wore a lot of denim. “We want Josh to be an artist and rock and roll, and listen to Elliott Smith’s opinion, but it doesn’t turn it into full rubbish. In his view, Israel is a very big collaborator. Israel wears denim. Most of the denim is actually his own denim.”

The New York parade demonstrates the pride of the Caribbean in a safe and secure situation

On Monday, the Caribbean-sponsored revelers walked up the streets of Brooklyn, waving flags, dancing loudly and dancing on the feet, celebrating New York City’s annual carnival.

Before the main West Indian American Day Parade and the earlier street party J’Ouvert, they joined an important police presence designed to prevent any violent incidents from happening like in the past few years. As of Monday night, the police did not report on the violence on the route.

“This festival means a lot. I am a West Indian, sharing these traditions, sharing our colors, our food and music are very important,” said Deyon Roman, 53, who pulled her hair back to her flag. . Aboriginal Grenada, wearing a handmade crochet top and skirt, shows Grenada’s red, green and yellow. “This parade represents a melting pot in the Caribbean.”

Since the 1920s, the Caribbean community in New York has been hosting carnival celebrations, first in Harlem and then in Brooklyn, and celebrations are held on Labor Day.

The celebration began with J’Ouvert, which comes from the French words “jour” and “ouvert”, meaning dawn. As a celebration of the liberation of slavery, it is characterized by revelers covering their bodies with paint or oil, wearing huge horn helmets and throwing talcum powder into the air. The highlight is the parade of the steel plate band.

J’Ouvert used to be a loose organization, starting in the dark hours a few hours before dawn, in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is still dealing with gang violence.

Late night shootings have been a concern for years, but in 2015, when Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s assistant Carey Gabay left Brooklyn’s home to attend the celebration and was shot by strays. After the middle, their anger has intensified. Despite the increased security, two people were killed in the 2016 celebrations. In the past 15 years, the main parade has also been injured by sporadic incidents.

The New York Police Department has developed a series of security measures, including moving the start of the J’Ouvert parade from midnight to 6 am, installing lighthouses and security cameras in place, setting up checkpoints, and increasing police attendance for early morning activities and large parades.

There were no reports of violent incidents in the incident, but at 3:30 pm. Police said a shot outside the five blocks attracted a group of people causing some congestion near the parade route. They said the shooting incident stemmed from disputes unrelated to the march. The injured victim is expected to continue to survive.

In the main parade on Monday, 76-year-old spectator Arnold Cherry said: “We hope that the parade is safe, so it is necessary to let them come here. This should be more free flow and free spirit, but we do not want violence to hinder the march. We can’t use an event as an excuse to suppress it.”

The 72-year-old Trerefon said, “I think it has been alleviated. It has been suppressed. There have been more suppliers and more dances in the past, but now it has been under too much control.”

Elected officials and running for public service came out to participate in the parade. Cuomo announced that the state will invest $15 million to build a community center named after Gabay in Brooklyn.

Emma Stone and director Yorgos Lanthimos reinvented the drama with ‘The Favorite’

Love them or hate them – they tend to cause strong reactions – The Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’s film has always shown resistance to arrogance and resistance to easy classification.

Lanthimos’ breakthrough in 2009, “Dog’s Teeth”, won an Oscar-nominated foreign language, is a dark portrait, a family takes family education to a strange extreme. The 2011 “Lobster” is a dystopian comedy where a single person can find a romantic partner within 45 days to avoid becoming an animal. The 2017 psychological thriller “Kill a Sacred Deer” centered on a cardiac surgeon and his family became a victim of mysterious illness after being cursed by a disturbed teenage boy. (You know, this kind of movie.)

Although Lanthimos’ latest movie, Gonzo’s movie “Favorite” may be the easiest to get to date – and, from the warm early reaction of the Venice and Telluride Film Festival, the Fox Searchlight release expires. Equally ridiculously strange and distorted will open on November 23 to get a strong award.

This film is centered on the court of the 18th century Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman) and is increasingly vicious and sexually active between the two scheming cousins of Rachel Wiss and Emma Stone. Power struggles are centered as they compete for the favor of the Queen of mood swings. Oscar forecasters have predicted that all three actresses will participate as the award season begins.

On the morning after the film’s first screening in Telluride, The Times interviewed Lanthimos and Stone about the tradition of subverting the age drama, the joy of wearing a corset, and why you shouldn’t hold Lanthimos to make a superhero movie.

You usually watch a costume drama that looks like a movie, and usually doesn’t include slow-motion duck games or scenes shot through fisheye lenses or dirty language. Part of the appeal of this movie, can you take this sometimes stuffy type and open it?

Lanthimos: At first I was only interested in this story, but apart from that, this is a period movie and I have not made a part of it. I think it would be interesting to try to do something a bit like this type of distortion. What will happen. This is definitely part of it.

Stone: I just like this script, I like it is a unique version of the 1705 story collection. [To Lanthimos] Is it 1705? I have always said this.

Lanthimos: Somewhere. Don’t be specific.

Stone: But I like to be specific.

Lanthimos: Yes, but we don’t like this movie. We have taken a lot of freedom in this story.

Stone: [simulated horror] What do we have? Oh no! I told everyone that this is actually accurate in history! This will be the movie they will show in history class!

Emma, what are your expectations for Yorgos’ work after seeing his early films?

Stone: Well, I think I saw “Dogtooth” before meeting him, but if I remember correctly, I saw “lobster”. So when I sat down with him, I thought he would become a mentally ill person. [Laughs] I thought, “Oh my God, this will be terrible.”

Then we sat down, he was so normal and sweet, which was very confusing for me. I just want to see what it will look like. It is a combination of the two: sweet and scary. In short, this is you.

Yorgos, your movies are very different, but they seem to share a topic about how power dynamics are distorted in relationships. Is this just what I am trying to find a thread or do you see a straight line?

Lanthimos: I really don’t think so about my work. I don’t take a step back, try to analyze it, try to think about similarities and those things. this is for you. But obviously I am the same person who makes them, so you can’t get rid of certain ideas, forcing ideas, dealing with certain things – at the same time, you are trying different things instead of repeating the exact same thing.

I just want to make progress with every movie I make and it gets better. Then you improved some things and other things falling apart, which worked well the previous time. Trying to balance all these different things is a tireless endeavor.

Watching this movie is about a movie filled with royal courts that are good at power and influence. This movie has an impact on leaders who are prone to unpredictable outbreaks. I think some people will be reminded of the White House. Daily drama. When you made it, is that in your mind?

Stone: We met before we encountered anything. This has been nine years. So no one can guess what will happen.

Lanthimos: Yes, we think we are extreme. [laugh]

Stone: We don’t think this is a documentary!

To make a movie around three powerful central female characters, like this