‘Sexy’ Halloween costume: Empowerment or objectification?

‘Sexy’ Halloween costume: Empowerment or objectification?

As Halloween approaches, countless people believe that more and more “sexy” clothing is available for women to fill social media. Most people think that clothing is either an indispensable source of feminist empowerment or a feminist movement. Mocking.

LGBT reporter Dan Savage believes that Halloween is equivalent to a heterosexual pride celebration, so for a straight girl, this is a perfect day to shamelessly show off their sexual orientation.

In October 2013, Arizona State University was at the center of this debate, when two unidentified Arizona State University students became local Internet sensations because they completely exposed the Halloween party.

Women’s clothing, or lack of, collects articles from well-known gossip sites such as Buzzfeed, Gawker, Daily Mail and Total Frat Move.

Rosweitz, a professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University, said she believes there is no way to separate the nature of sexy clothing from power and deprivation.

“On the one hand, you are wearing high-fashion clothing, which is a way for women to be proud of their sexual orientation. They feel that they have their own sexual desire and enjoy the body they have,” she said. “The problem with attraction as a form of power is that it is always temporary, always fragile, and always dependent on the other’s judgment.”

Weitz said it is important to remember that many women see sexual activity as a source of empowerment.

“The background is centuries – thousands of years – women are told that their sexual behavior is immoral, dangerous to the male soul, hidden, controlled or controlled, it belongs to the father or husband,” she said . “There are still young women who are driven out of their homes because of pregnancy or loss of virginity, so women can now choose to use and show their sexual orientation for their own purposes. This is very capable.”

Claire Mason is a sophomore. He published this feature article on Twitter. He said that even if women wear sexy clothes to attract a partner, it is still an independent claim.

“I think this can give power because you say, ‘I want to go out and let people attract me and maybe connect with people,’” she said. “I think that even for these reasons, it can be empowered, because sometimes women are not allowed to engage in sex or pursue sex, which I find is very strange and messed up.”

While students like Mason show enthusiasm for revealing clothing, Iris Tirado, an employee at Easley’s Fun Shop in Phoenix City Center, said that after 13 years of work in the store, she felt that the “sexy” fashion trend is gradually disappearing.

“I want to say that about 10 years ago, (sexy costumes) were more flourishing than they are now,” she said. “But I think it’s a bit of a blessing as women become more conservative.”

Tirado said that the decline in the popularity of clothing may be related to raising public awareness of the potential dangers of women wearing exposed clothing.

Mason said she hopes women’s “sexy” clothing is the same as men’s “sexy” clothing.

“It’s more fun when men do this,” Mason said. “It’s not like, ‘Look at their ass’, or whatever. So, I think if we try to make it more like a woman, everyone can enjoy showing off their body without being misunderstood by some people.”

Weitz said that this double standard indicates that the imbalance between men and women is greater, but the gendering of men’s clothing does not solve any problems.

She said: “I don’t want to live in a world of men’s excessive sexual behavior, and men have been forced to show their sexual orientation and attractiveness.” “I would rather see a world in which men and women You can enjoy playing with them, find out what is useful to them and what they like.”

For Tirado, it all comes down to an ancient rule about starting a business.

“If no one wants to see it, then don’t watch it,” she said. “You don’t need to comment. Don’t look at it, leave it to yourself or say it in your mind… Does she feel comfortable? Let her.”

Fortnite character and Spiderman – the first choice for Halloween costumes

Fortnite character and Spiderman – the first choice for Halloween costumes

Google has released the most popular Halloween costumes for American users this year.

The most popular search is Fortnite, a character from the popular online battle royale game, followed by Spiderman and the mythical unicorn.

The top ten others include dinosaurs, witches, Harequin, superheroes, pirates, rabbits and princesses.

Last year’s best results such as Princess Leia, Daenarys Targaryen and Minions did not enter the top 10 in 2018.

The search engine also launched Frightgeist, a dedicated site for this year’s Halloween trend.

If you click on any search, you will gain insights on topics such as Costume Popularity – basically you may encounter someone who has encountered similar clothing in the United States.

Some of the less popular ideas include characters from the movie Ready Player One (“You have a very low chance of meeting another Ready Player One costume at a party.”), Lloyd Garmadon from Lego Ninja, Diego de la Vega Zorro and Creepy Doll.

Houston disabled children will showcase Halloween costumes at fashion shows

Houston disabled children will showcase Halloween costumes at fashion shows

Children will make Halloween costumes for students at the Houston College of Art, then they will walk, or – if sitting in a wheelchair – rolling the runway, KHOU reports.

“This fashion show will stand out this year,” one of the participants, John F. III, told TV.

His name is based on the creation of Fair and his mother Cassandra.

“The important thing is that we stand up again, go back and regain our youth,” Fair said.

Three years of surgery to repair scoliosis caused Fair to squat down from the chest.

“Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s life,” he told KHOU.

“For a while, he was very, very depressed, but Williams syndrome was kicked,” Cassandra told the television station. “It is characterized that no matter what you experience, you will see its bright side. You will focus on positive rather than negative.”

One of the positive thoughts is a fashion show that helps children cope with disability by enjoying some fun.

“Everyone loves fashion shows,” Fair told KHOU.

It may not be “Project Runway”, but it is a warm event.

“Let you be very proud to be part of such a thing, and how you want to get more people involved, what can we do to make this event a bigger event,” Manisha Sista, her husband’s business sponsorship At the event, he told the TV station.

According to your sign, what should your Halloween costume be?

This is the year in which astrological memes formally become inevitable and disturbing. In the past few years, we have inspired the architect’s clothing and celebrated Bauhaus’s legendary costume party. In 2018, we decided to turn to the universe.

After browsing a few miles of astrology meme pages on Instagram, we were inspired to put our own Curbed twists on Halloween costumes based on your constellations. Although the architects and designers mentioned below may not have actual birthdays corresponding to your zodiac date, their personality and style are matched to each logo.

The bold, ambitious Aries has a like-minded spirit in Frank Gehry. The architect is known for his fanatical, metal and expressive architecture, which is expected to change the community – sometimes even the entire city.

The architect from Los Angeles has been involved in many large and small projects, from his own home in Santa Monica to the Bilbao Museum in Spain, and the redesign of the Los Angeles River. Aries, a fire sign, is also known for its explosive temper. Although Gehry is the perfect intellectual, who can forget the infamous photo that made him turn the bird on the reporter?

The formula for house flip display is quite predictable: a couple finds a fixture – upper, envisions a hammer wall and installs the most popular finishes and equipment, and thinks they can cheaply renovate the home just to find (the plot) Distorted!) The hidden cost of making the budget inflated.

This loop repeats the project after the project, the episode after the episode, and the big reveal is always a satisfying dreamy and luxurious home. This reliable, material, stubborn family subject is essentially Taurus.

You are never sure what Bjarke Ingels will design next. Will it be the pyramid of Manhattan? Burning people’s ethereal balls? football field? Prefabricated floating dormitory? Hyperloop? All of this belongs to the category of the most famous celebrity practitioners in contemporary architecture.

In the slogan “Happiness Sustainable Development”, it helps to connect exciting and flexible themes and provide irony that can always be quoted (see Rolling Stone’s 2016 image). Ingels is the ultimate Gemini: a wide range Interesting playful, fast moving social butterfly.

With more work from the late Zaha Hadid, the world will be much better. Her thrilling, imaginative buildings broke through the boundaries of the building. Although Cancer may not be an obvious association of an architect known as the “Queen of the Curve” and designed large spaces like the Olympic Stadium, the airport, the Opera House and cultural buildings, we believe that the water sign fits her smooth silhouette. Hadid’s structure remains soft even though the hard shell is hard.

Young and lions are a proud person – they are the center of vain, drama, enthusiasm, courage and attention. So #Architecture is also a super Instagram space that can be seen all over the world via mobile phones. You must have seen the white ball pit in the Fun House exhibition at the National Architecture Museum designed by Snarkitecture, which immediately caught the attention of the Internet – and may be a bit overexposed. Insta-Architecture grows like your Leo to your timeline.

The holy grail of prefabricated buildings is cost-effective, efficient construction and amazingly beautiful things. For generations, architects like Michelle Kaufmann have begun to complete the tasks of these building systems. Especially in Kaufman’s work, there is a strong trend of sustainability and practicality: the secret of Virgo’s success is two characteristics.

For many people, a long-term goal is to organize better. But when Marie Kondo came here, the embarrassing master asked 4 million people around the world to ask if their belongings “give them happiness” and turn the rudiment of abstinence into a kind of Quasi-religious. Kondo insists on balance and harmony, and the minimalist aesthetics embodied in this philosophy, solving countless family conflicts and existing crises, like her celestial constellation: Libra.

This year’s popular Halloween costume once again has a political inclination

This year’s popular Halloween costume once again has a political inclination

According to “Today USA”, this is a terrible statistic: Americans are expected to spend $9.1 billion on Halloween last year. This is an increase from the $8.4 billion they spent in 2016.

For some time, Halloween has become the second most expensive holiday of the year, and there has been no news. For retailers, this is a boon, or at least the owner of a vacant large store, and as Halloween – the industrial park continues to inject energy into the economy, two months later, these stores have transitioned to large stores in Halloween.

Circuit City? Sports Authority? frame? Most of their previous buildings were too big to transition to nail salons or pet grooming shops, and most downtown stores seemed to be in the midst of an extinct retail store.

So every few months each year they will be transformed into a Halloween supermarket, where they can buy a variety of clothing, which are made from a few dollars of polyester on a distant land. The clothes can stand the time. The test. Maybe even 11pm Halloween night.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular costumes of the year is to dress like Tonya Harding. Yes, Tony Harding from the 1994 Winter Olympics arranged for Krigan to be trapped by local mobs in order to gain the advantage of his opponent Nancy Cregan.

Obviously, a movie called “I, Tony” has become a hot topic earlier this year.

It’s even a simple do-it-yourself garment that only needs a real skating costume. More daring people may want to add some kind of street legal skates to the ensemble. And, if you want to make it a team effort, bring a friend dressed as Nancy Kerrigan or even a jealous friend to play as an attacker hired by Harding’s husband to hit Kerrigan’s leg with a baton.

This will be a perfect opportunity to do a healing trick and re-enact (safe) events at each front door!

Among the more popular among us are Harry and Megan, where people will walk along the streets like a royal couple. Royal Air Force uniforms are easy to come by. To increase the effect, include a group of trailing paparazzi, but they will have to keep distance instead of qualifying for candy.

This year’s popular masks continue to include the current president, this Halloween is Donald Trump. Presidential masks are usually sold on average between supporters and opponents of a particular president. Although it is sometimes a bit too much, like the people in a house in North Jersey a few years ago, wearing Obama’s mask on the dummy on the suit and hanging it on the tree. Even the anti-Obama neighbors demanded that they be cancelled. it is.

Special signs, clothing, more: Saints fans prepare for Drew Brees’ recordable night

Special signs, clothing, more: Saints fans prepare for Drew Brees’ recordable night

Case Williams should have been in bed for four weeks after surgery.

Instead, he was wearing a pink bathrobe and a pope cap and refused to sit in the game against the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

No matter how much pain he has, or how uncomfortable the back support of the whole torso he feels in his robes.

Williams will never miss history.

As Drew Brees became the prospect of the NFL’s leading passer in front of his home audience, Saints fans strengthened their enthusiasm with passion and dedication on Monday night.

Mercedes-Benz superstars’ special logos and costumes adorned the inevitable events of their 38th, 280th Bris career for the national team, allowing him to surpass Brett Favre and Payton Manning to become all players. The most players ever voted.

Among the disciples of a group of Bres, Williams stood in section 111 as their pope representative.

Williams said: “The only reason I hope he will retire is that he can run for the governor.”

On Monday night, the love for Brace flowed through the Saints fans at a rate comparable to his yards.

While other fans may disagree with Bress’s governor’s candidacy schedule, it is hoped that the 39-yard quarterback will last for a few years, and this sentiment is true for others.

Linda Lane spent a moment looking for photos with her “Drew Dat” logo outside Champions Square, and she said she would vote for Brees for the mayor, governor, president or any other office he campaigned for.

But for now, the 16-year season ticket holder has decided to engrave his name in history books again.

“It will be so exciting,” Ryan said before the game. “I have participated in all the competitions and this will be the best.”

Even before they entered the Superdome, the fans of the Saints team had the confidence that Brees would produce 201 yards, just have the record.

When he hit Tre’Quan Smith for a 62-yard touchdown at the end of the second quarter, they proved to be correct.

Some of Williams’ friends dressed up as “Bress Brothers” for this event, not only congratulated Bryce, but also announced the birth of Crickrand’s second child in the future, with the words “German Lubres breaks the record of October 2018; the season of the only child ends in May 2019″

The team also held several celebrations, including a video of Manning, congratulations to Brees, and then illuminated the Superdome’s exterior in black and gold for 9 minutes. Brass also sent the ball to the NFL Hall of Fame, where it will be sacred.

Season ticket holder Brad Vandevender predicted a record-breaking pitch before the game and will enter the screen in the second quarter and pass back to Alvin Kamala.

Although the results are not correct, Vendevender does accurately predict one aspect of the game.

“The crowd will get crazy,” Vendevender said. “It will be crazy tonight.”

History-inspired Halloween costume ideas

Will you participate in Halloween? Whether you want the appearance of Goofy, lasting power, old-school witchcraft, or pure bad guys, history can provide endless inspiration. Here are some of our favorite clothing ideas in the past, there is a handy information link – because it’s those background stories, of course, this will really help you nail it.

History recommends products that our editors think you’ll like, and if you buy something through our links, history may get a small portion of your income. Prices may fluctuate.

Homefront actress

Show the world that we can use the reminiscent of the exciting World War II heroine Rosie the Riveter. Use her signature cotton-red polka-dot headband for a quick-start look with internal wires to help get everything in place. Want to hammer the details of going home? Put on a practical jumpsuit, grab a sturdy lunch box and spend a day on the factory floor.


If you want to see if it’s purely president, try Theodore Roosevelt’s iconic Pince-Nez Specs, which was popular at the time and only stayed on the nose. Wear a well-cut 3-piece suit and pocket watch, or try Rough Rider’s travel jacket and forestry cap. Leave the bull moose at home.

Salem Witch

Of course, the witch is a classic of Halloween, but the prototype is not as good as a pointed hat and broom. This Oversized Bonnet features a simple Puritan-style dress that takes you back to the 17th century, truly thrilling world of Salem, Massachusetts. There, between 1692 and 1693, dozens of people were tried for witchcraft and 19 were eventually executed – this was a massive hysterical tragic case that later became a real witchcraft.


When you look at the famous hairline, people will ask where your kite is. Put on this jacket and tie Benjamin Franklin wig, you will immediately be considered a silver tongue colonial politician and inventor. To enhance the look, don’t forget some of the famous Philadelphian iconic discoveries: a pair of bifocal glasses (yes, they are his invention) or kites and keys that attract a little power for your holiday.


Give your Halloween a costume and pay tribute to the great flying ace of the past: retro-style aviator caps and goggles. To complete the look, simply put a white satin scarf around your neck and grab the map or model airplane. You will definitely win your wings.


Ernesto’s “cut” Guevara’s image may be as iconic as his role in the Cuban revolution, which means that the costume will certainly be recognized – and sparked some controversy. Inspired by the famous Alberto Korda photo “Guerrillero Heroico” – this portrait introduces thousands of T-shirts – starting with Che’s iconic Star-Bedecked Black Beret. Add a khaki jacket and complete the conversion to make sure you read Marx.

NASA astronaut

Ground Control for Halloween: A device that transcends the world has landed! Men’s astronaut costumes inspired by Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin pay tribute to the upcoming 50th anniversary. Skip the helmet – this makes social activities too difficult – but with a can of Tang as an astronaut-approved accessory, you can take care of a refreshing enjoyment.

CommedesGarçonsRTW2019 spring

She has a place. But where?

Rei Kawakubo is at a creative crossroads. The designer told us in a statement that it was a variety of declarations that were sent by e-mail before her Saturday show. A woman usually makes conversations on her runway. This is an extraordinary letter. Most of us think her confidence, her work, and her art are unwavering.

Kawakubo wrote before ten seasons that she changed the direction of her Commedes Garçons show to see how much she could “making strong clothes, even to the point where the clothes became abstract.” She has decided that this method does not Then the new one: “I am looking for the next step, what is the next step. But I can’t find it.”

This program is about Kawakubo’s search, whether it is creative or female. Therefore, it feels very personal. In the “Somewhere” of the “West Side Story” of the soundtrack, the first model appeared, her abdomen looked pregnant, and her black wire jumpsuit was cut with a horizontal zigzag to show her abdomen. She and all models wore white hair on a messy working day ponytail, indicating that the burden of being a woman and a creator is lifelong and hard. You must constantly create and find your location somewhere.

The theme of pregnancy continues until the baby’s buttocks become globular protrusions on the hips and back, clearly mentioning Kawakubo’s groundbreaking collection of the spring of 1997, until now, the liner has broken through the “skin” underneath the clothes exposed – tight Clothing logo, floral “tattoo” and newsprint. In this context, the logo on Kawakubo’s beautiful Nike sneakers is not registered as a merchandiser, but as a self-declaration, Kawakubo asserts, “My creation is like me.”

All of this is very exciting and has some special points of influence. Halfway through, two model chains appeared – women’s sha?? Creative expression? expect? Imposing by yourself or outside? Near the end, in the soundtrack, Tom Waits’s “Tom Traubert’s Blues (Waltzing Mathilda)” suddenly stopped. “I begged you to stab me… you buried the dagger.”

Understatement, this is not the case. Kawakubo wrote in her e-mail that “promoting when groping in the dark” is a risk. However, she chose to exhibit at Écoledes Beaux-Arts’PalaisdesÉtudes, which was installed under a wide skylight on a bright white runway. It happens to be a beautiful blue sky. There is hope.

Coronation Street suggests that Henry Newton will really fall for Gemma winter

Coronation Street fans will not know if Henry Newton can really fall for Gemma Winter next week.

Last Friday’s Corrie double bill showed that Henry was only betting on Gemma’s date, and the audience was shocked, despite the early hope that Gemma would eventually find her Mr Right.

In next week’s episode, Gemma (Dolly Rose Campbell) still did not notice Henry’s ulterior motives because she tried to plan a birthday party for him.

Gemma brought a surprise Newton & Ridley theme party to Henry in the return of the Rangers, which is the nod of the bar and the winery’s long history.

Even though Henry just pretended to like Gemma, he was really touched when he saw that she had brought so much trouble to him.

Henry even proudly wore his sailor costume, as Gemma hoped, to enter the spirit of the occasion correctly.

When the scene is aired, the audience will definitely guess whether Henry can grow into a true Gemma, even though he initially hates intent.

Does Gemma’s gesture of goodwill allow Henry to look at her with a new look, or will she continue to use her as his shameful bet?

The golden rules for using animal print in the office

Remember when wearing leopard, viper or tiger print clothes was in bad taste? Those times were left behind because for several years designers, brands, celebrities and street style queens have taught us that animal print can be a super chic print. And this season they arrive to seize your closet … even in the office!

Of course, like all excesses, abuse of this exotic pattern can have lethal consequences on your image, but if you follow these rules, you can look sophisticated and you will see that it is a very appropriate option to take to the office.

1. The neutral tones are the best friends of the animal print (black, camel, white and gray).

2. A dark monochromatic look is enhanced if you use a leopard or other exotic accessory (bag, belt, scarf).

3. If the garment protagonist of your outfit is animal print (a dress or pants), try that the rest of your accessories are a sober tone.

4. As an exception to the previous rule, you can add a touch of striking color to your accessories, as long as your clothes are of a classic cut (like a trench coat or a straight silhouette dress).

5. If you opt for a dress in animal print, try that the cut of this one is loose or vaporous to look more ladylike.

6. It is worth wearing a fitted cut of garments with animal print, as long as they are not too low or one or two sizes smaller than your actual size.

7. Use animal print with classic office garments: trench coat, pointy pumps or tote bag.

8. The skirts with this print look extremely chic with sober complements in dark tones.

9. A total black look with skinny jeans and flats looks great with an animal print coat (and it’s perfect to be chic even on a casual Friday).

10. The most important rule: Do not use more than one garment of animal print in your outfit. If it’s accessories, two can still work. But more than three pieces with this type of print look exaggerated, especially for the office.