Target’s Disney Baby Halloween costume is very cute and affordable

The only thing more lovely than a sweet baby is the sweet baby in Halloween costumes. Fortunately, there is no shortage of those, even more fortunate, you can get the cutest costumes I have ever seen. That store really has everything you might need, isn’t it? If you feel nostalgic and want something classic, then they will satisfy you. Target has Disney baby clothes and you will lose it seriously. Whether you are a fan of Toy Story or a classic like Winnie the Pooh or Cinderella, you can choose.
Halloween (and all holidays, actually) becomes so different when you have children. No more shameful costumes and family gatherings – but with these outfits, it’s officially better as a parent. Whether it’s your first Halloween or a little one, or you’re already in this trick, you can take your child to a sugar-filled holiday.

In this regard, do not delay. I remember when I was a child, I walked through the store two days before Halloween and desperately wanted to find a costume I liked. Don’t be like me! Get your outfits in ample time, then you can even run some “practices” to see if they are real, you know, put on it!

Before ‘Reference K-POP and MODCLOTH AESTHETIC’ I love all the boys’ costumes

Warning: Here is a light spoiler of Netflix “All Boys I Loved”.

Netflix continues to target rom-com movie games – just like the summer of Asia’s representative – based on “all the boys I have loved”, this is a new movie based on Jenny Han’s best-selling YA novel.

For those teenagers who have not read this book (full disclosure: I), the summary here is: Ladie Jean Song Covey, a middle school and third-year high school student, likes to read the corset trousers (and evokes their own fantasy sequence) ), watch John Hughes’ classic and writing – and solve – give her rude smashed aphrodisiac love letter. She stored unsent notes in her deceased mother’s hat until they were mysteriously mailed to the boys, including former BFF and sister Margot’s boyfriend Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard) and lacrosse brother Peter Ravinsky (Noah Centineo) . Yes, wince

In order to keep the dreamy Josh from thinking that she still loves him (and ultimately hurts Margot), Lara Joan agrees to pretend to be a dreamy Peter, and he wants his predecessor, Genevieve ( Emilija Baranac). But will it leave a trick? Hey, I have seen enough young movies (and CW shows) in the 80s and 90s, knowing that this can be played, but there is absolute, pure happiness: tears, laughter, heavier tears. I also completely fell in love with the Vietnamese-American actress Lana Condor, her first starring role as a dual-ethnic Korean American Lara Jean.

Some parts of the book may have been modified for streaming small screens, but a defined element must be consistent with the source material: fashion. Fashion designer Rafaella Rabinovich said in a phone call in Vancouver, “Laura makes this weird person very good.” “She doesn’t know how cool she is, how style she is. So especially one At first, it’s almost awkward.”

In order to bring the character into life through clothing, Rabinovich looked at Han’s book, wrote a script by Sofia Alvarez and collaborated with director Susan Johnson. “The whole movie has a palette,” she explained. “As a creative team, we all choose magenta, Cayenne and yellow. In a sense, this really helps us define an emotion.”

Rabinovich may seem that Lara Jean himself would seek fashion inspiration: Vogue in the 1990s, the popularity of the Clinton era and K-pop, all related to Lara Jean’s tradition and fashion trends. “I spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at girls who looked at something more romantic, these days – what did they accept?” The costume designer explained that he fell on the Modcloth community and labels at Insta Rabbit Cave. Take a look at how young women design retro-style pieces.

Mrs. Maisel’s ‘costumes swing, pop and dazzling – are all designed

Mrs. Maisel’s ‘costumes swing, pop and dazzling – are all designed

When Amy Sherman-Palladino first met fashion designer Donna Zakowska to introduce her to the wonderful Lady Messer. Did not do much explanation. Zakosca, who had previously won an Emmy Award for the American revolutionary drama “John Adams”, immediately spoke to Sherman-Palladinho in 1958 about a work of a Western-style housewife who turned to a Greenwich Village stand-up comedian. The cabinet requirements were adjusted.

“This is instant chemistry,” recalls Zakowska. “Even before we talked about specific clothing, Amy was very interested in the cultural aspects of this period. As a native New Yorker, I understood the differences between the residential area and the city center. We talked about how clothes are a bit Ascension, because this show is almost like a musical. Clothes need to reinforce this feeling, which means I will do a lot of colors.”

Zakowska grew up in Brooklyn and shared Mrs. Maisel’s wonderful vision of color matching with a family patriarch. “My late mother is a master of accessories!” Zakowska said, speaking from New York in the second season of the Amazon Prime series. “When I put on her clothes after my death, every box of shoes has a pair of stockings, such as pale pink or light green, which matches the color of the shoes.”

“Crazy rich Asians” costume is so expensive, they have bodyguards

You will find that the costumes in “Crazy Rich Asians” opened today are crazy and expensive. There is no other way.

In fact, according to Page Six, they need bodyguards and they need bodyguards.

In the movie, Chinese-American professor Rachel Zhu (Constance Wu) and his boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) went to his hometown of Singapore. She did not know that his family was “greater than God.”

Fashion designer Mary Vogt visited Kevin Kwan, the best-selling novelist based on the film. (Kwan spent his teenage years at Clear Lake.) To get inspiration, the two looked at photos of Kwan’s own “fashionable” family in the 1930s, who emigrated from China to Singapore.

“One of our best coups is Ralph Lauren: they sent us about 30 dresses, we used each of them!” Vogt told the sixth page “Constance wore one Yes, Gemma wears one, and all the bridesmaids at the wedding scene wear them.”

There are also appearances from Stella McCartney, Elie Saab, Dior, etc. All fine jewellery, such as Bulgari and Chopard, was borrowed for the on-site guards needed for the shoot.

“Constance actually found this Marchesa and showed me this photo. We saw a million pieces of clothes, and Jon kept saying, ‘I hope she has a Cinderella moment.’ This dress is perfect – Because the design is not new, Marchesa is willing to lend it to us for a month.”

Vogt said she had taken off her sleeves from the Marchesa dress and looked even more quiet.

“Game of Thrones”: Season 7’s clothing and production design defines Danny’s pursuit of power

In the seventh season of the penultimate “Game of Thrones”, Danielis’ absolute pursuit of power provided information for the production and fashion design of the perennial Emmy winners Deborah Riley and Michele Clapton. Highlights include the majestic Dragon Stone Throne Room Set and the striking winter coat, which symbolize Dani’s confidence and power.

“In the best shot, it’s important that Daenerys [Emilia Clark] cross this space for the first time, and the power of her family history is built into the structure of space,” three times Emmy winner Riley. Said. She was nominated for the production design in “Dragon Stone”.

Similarly, the style and tailoring of the Dany wardrobe made her look like a strong uniform, including wide shoulders. However, in the Emmy nominee “Beyond the Walls” episode, Kit Harington’s white coat worn when saving Kit Harington was a bit special.

“This is the first time I remember that Dany puts himself at risk and not necessarily for personal gain, so white is this sense of purity,” says fashion designer Clapton (three Emmy winners “games”). Power “and last year’s “crown” champion. “It’s very honest about it… she has fallen in love with Jon.”

When describing the dragon stone throne room they imagined, show hosts David Benioff and Dan Weiss emphasized a space of mandatory perspective and totalitarian aura. “The room must look like it is made of sturdy material, taking the lead from Zumaia (the landing point of the Spanish Danielis shot), but it also feels a certain majesty,” Riley said.

“The top triangle is a shape that becomes a very repeatable force symbol, making the space look like it is standing on its toes, in an uncomfortable fear of gravity,” she added. “There is nothing that can make people feel welcome to this space. It only talks about all the ambitions to focus on the throne.”

Given that Long Stone originated in a series of cave-like rooms, it was important for Riley that the Throne Room evolved from the cave. For example, the wall soared to the already established CG Castle. In addition, the sedimentary rock formations discovered in Zumaia help to tie the two spaces together.

“The central idea of this space needs to be attributed to the idea of carving the throne on the rock,” Riley said. “It’s not a piece of furniture that can be moved. Instead, the entire building must look like it’s built around it. What’s important is the power of Targaryan. The location feels like it was born to be born.”

Riley designed sharp shapes, dark tones, cool tones and hexagonal patterns as a tribute to Northern Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway (Series House). “It’s subtle, but the hexagon helps to anchor the space, especially on the large Targaryan imprint carved on the floor,” she said. “In the best shot, it’s important that Daenerys can cross this space for the first time, incorporating the power of her family history into the structure of space.”

At the same time, Clapton equated the visual importance of Dani White Coat with myth. She said: “I want to create a powerful image that falls like an angel to save these people from imminent death.”

Clapton is actually very easy to design a jacket because it has a clean outline but is difficult to make. “There was a lot of prototyping and collaboration between the clothing departments,” she added. “We create ‘fabrics’ by stitching lengths of leather, faux leather, short white faux fur and long thin faux fur.

If the wasp will change the costume in a future movie, Ivan Jelly Lily’s address

Ant-Man and Wasp showed fans the long-awaited Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) in her first superhero costume, and it looks like this dress can stay here.

When she first appeared at the Boston Fans Expo, Lilly was asked if her wasp incarnation would change clothes as often as a character comic book. As Lilly said, the desire to change clothing matches the personality of Janet Van Dyne, which is similar to Hope.

“In the original comic book, she was a fashion designer,” Lily explained. “Jenit Van Dyne is a fashion designer, she likes to change her clothes. Women who like clothes are absolutely not wrong. I like clothes! But for me, hope is a very serious, no nonsense scientist, this It will be distracting. I don’t think she cares too much about her things. I think she will choose something practical when she goes to the store. No matter what she needs to do, it’s her body. She goes home. After that, I have done what I have to do.”

“So, if Hope is a fashion designer, then maybe it’s fun,” Lily continued. “But she is a scientist, so no.”

Of course, Marvel Cinematic Universe has a fair share of its clothing changes from the beginning, so redesigned wasp clothing may not be completely inappropriate. However, there are some admirable reasons behind Lilly’s reasoning, that is, how clothing changes fit her character, which is also a mentality in her interpretation of clothing evolution.

“The original comic characters are very feminine, I want to express them, but she is also very sexy,” Lilly explained in an interview earlier this year. “And I don’t particularly want to imitate this part of the original. It’s hard to figure out how you make a woman look feminine and elegant, so that her movements can be feminine and refined, elegant and elegant, without making her open. behavior?”

“One of the advantages is that she has a set that covers everything from head to toe. It’s a luxury.” Lily talks about her “comfortable” outfit. “I am very happy that I don’t wear mini skirts and corsets.”

What happens to old Broadway clothing?

Have you ever thought about what happens to all the fine Broadway costumes once the show is over? Some of them were eventually collected and rented to other shows in Astoria, Queens, to give them a second life. We interviewed TDF clothing series director Stephen Cabral to find out how it works and to see some of their famous works. Below is the transcript of the video.

Narrator: Broadway shows won’t last forever. However, due to a non-profit organization called TDF Costume Collection, some of the costumes used on the stage can get the second act.

Cabral: We have a Wicked dress from El Faba and a “Mamma Mia!” prison uniform.

Narrator: This is the director of the series, Stephen Cabral, based in Astoria, Queens. TDF accepts donations of various theatrical performances at the end of the game and returns them to other performances for reuse.

Cabral: We produce about 1,000 pieces a year and rent more than 10,000 pieces of clothing, whether in New York City or across the country.

NARRATOR: There are more than 80,000 items in their collection, including shoes, shirts, dresses, hats, gloves and a variety of other accessories.

Cabral: Many times, Broadway shows will eventually close, and clothing will usually be reserved for touring or backup. But every once in a while, Broadway shows will say, “Okay, we have finished these clothes; you can have them.”

Narrator: TDF began in the early 1970s when the Metropolitan Opera moved to the Lincoln Center and donated 22 costumes. Since then, TDF has expanded to offer a variety of performances and personal donations.

Cabral: Recently, we have received a very large and very exciting donation. Hollywood, Broadway fashion designer Bob Mackie.

Narrator: Some of the famous works donated by Mackie are a dress worn by Julia Louis Dreyfuss at the 1997 Emmy Awards and all works by The Best Little Whorehouse.

Cabral: After the original production of “Rent” was finally closed, after many years of hard work, we were very fortunate to receive all the original costumes that were not made by Broadway before moving to Broadway. Over the years, we have received many donations from “Mama Mia!”. When “Mama Mia!” on Broadway. We have a dress by Jane Krakowski’s recently published “She Loves Me”, some of the clothes Patti Lupone wore when she revived “Gypsy.”

Narrator: Although many projects are iconic, you may not be able to find something famous like Cher or Barbra Streisand.

Cabral: Many celebrities actually want to stick to their costumes, either opening museums or more likely to do some celebrity auctions in later life.

Narrator: Many amateur stage performances are rented from TDF, but so are some TV shows and movies. Cabral: “Saturday night scene”, when they shoot, depending on their season and their needs, sometimes here every week.

Narrator: TDF clothing can be seen in this short play by Betty White. “All we need now is a dress and some suitable shoes and a little feminine charm.”

NARRATOR: Together with Justin Timberlake as a short play by Mozart.

Cabral: “Birdman” and “12 Years of Slave” are costumes in the movie, which are rented from the TDF clothing collection. The only type of rental we really don’t do is Halloween. Our costumes are really not worth Halloween. We also try to avoid renting in the case of any food or drink.

Narrator: Anyone can go in and explore this series. But if you want to try anything, you must first fill out some paperwork. They have a mannequin that you can use to check the size and dressing room, which you can book in advance.

“I’m coming!”

Narrator: Cost is based on the overall look and feel, not every project.

Cabral: Another part of our pricing is the number of shows and the size of the theater.

Narrator: You still need to pay to get the clothes to dry before returning. Stephen said they have a green strategy to ensure that all projects are used as much as possible. Once the item becomes too rough, it is moved to a special area that requires these types of items.

Cabral: We have a distressed part. So for a production like “Les Mis” or “Urinetown”, these are not all that look great.

Narrator: Two to three times a year, they open the warehouse for special package sales.

Cabral: You pay for the bag, you go in, no matter how you can put it in that bag and take out the door is yours.

Narrator: So no matter what state the garment is in, there is always a chance to perform.

Cabral: We sometimes put clothes on people and there is nothing. Nothing changed, they are like, “Oh.” Then you put the costume in front of people, it brings another one or two people. It’s interesting.

Alicia Silverstone admits that she has acquired so many clothing homes from ‘incompetence’

Alicia Silverstone admits that she has acquired so many clothing homes from ‘incompetence’

Alicia Silverstone picked some very special souvenirs from her popular 90’s Clueless.

The 41-year-old actress gave up her return to home in 1995 in the evening show of Seth Meyers. When she discussed the wardrobe of her new play “American Woman,” she played Bonnie, and the single mother left her husband and started again. Of course, making the show look right, involves some well-designed period appearance.

“Judierman is our wardrobe designer, she is very smart,” she explained to Meyers. “I wore a dress from the British 60s model Twiggy. In fact, it’s very Excited… But Judy and I will look through the closet and I will be like ‘Can I have that?’ I took it home, and sure enough, I can’t wear it in real life. I am at Clueless I did this and I brought so many clothes home. But, you know, the knee height of [Mary Janes] in the normal world is really not suitable.”

Silverstone also discussed her role in female role play in the United States and explained that in the first episode, her role found her husband cheating her, prompting her to end the relationship and face some serious facts.

“He grabbed her arm and said to her, ‘You will bow your head, forget about it, and move on.’ That’s what you did at the time. Because she has no money, no skills… the whole The show was her survivor, she freed herself and found out how to do it independently.”

Sunday Best: The exquisite costume of “Phantom of the Opera”

Sunday Best: The exquisite costume of “Phantom of the Opera”

The costumes and suits of the “Phantom of the Opera” were originally designed by Maria Björnson; her design was still in use on the current tour of Paramount from August 8th to 19th.

If you go to the “Phantom of the Opera” (August 8th to 19th at the Paramount Theater), you will see this costume on the stage – but you won’t see it this way. In the second act of the opera “Don Juan”, Christine’s character is worn, a well-crafted costume inspired by Spanish folklore, with multi-layered skirts, lace-up bodice and ruffled sleeves. However, this close-up shows you something you might not have noticed on the Paramount seat: a clever mix of dresses (at least five different textiles), textured buttons, embroidery and beadwork, not to mention the body petals The exquisite way. Emphasize the waist. The costumes and suits of “Phantom of the Opera” were originally designed by Maria Björnson (both of whom won the Tony Award in 1988), and the current tour still uses her design, wearing more than 1,200 garments per show. Björnson has only designed three musicals (she is mainly engaged in opera and ballet) during her career, and died in 2002 at the age of 53; her costumes still exist in their rich beauty.

The dog’s Paddington Bear costume officially won the best dog costume until the end of time

The dog’s Paddington Bear costume officially won the best dog costume until the end of time

Everyone knows that we don’t have dogs. They are very cute, they are very loyal, and more importantly, they are the best. The latest dog to confirm this basic fact is a small Pomeranian who wears the most perfect Paddington bear costume we have ever seen.

Pomeranian Bertram (Bertie for short) may be three months ahead of schedule, but he has officially won the Halloween IOHO. On the weekends, the puppy tries on his outfit, including the famous character’s red hat and blue raincoat. Fortunately, for us, his owner not only shared one but shared two photos from Bertie’s Instagram account.

And there are more. In addition to Paddington clothing, the IG account is filled with cute photos of Bertie’s range of different outfits. TBH, we can’t even choose which one we like the most.